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I have been searching google to find the number to the corporate office, but as it stated, "the pen is mightier than the sword". Today around 5:30 p.m. I visited store# 4702 In Webster, Tx on Eldorado Blvd and had the most uneasy experience I have ever experienced and it left feeling like it was a race issue. I was very hungry and even though I am not much of a hotdog nor pizza eater it was accessible and quick. There was an elderly caucasian... Read more

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Why do I torture myself shopping at SAMS. I have been a member for many years. Originally I joined relative to the need to replace tires, regularly, in my northern town. They had the best prices and knowledgeable reps. In the past 10 years, as I attempt to obtain customer service, I am often greeted by a well-intentioned employee. Then I am left to the mercy of a; slow or unresponsive, unable to grasp the question asked, disinterested employee.... Read more

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I reciently bought 2 50pb bags of dog food. Price was rigbt and ingredients were nutritious. Have 2 big dogs , one is a mama dog witj 12 puppies. I had to take all dogs to vet. The dog food is bad,it has some kind of mold spores,poisoing the dogs/puppies making them all ill. What are yall gonna do about this. I would appreciate a call. I really should have never left pedigree. I dont wanna sue, im not that type of person. Call ,so i know how... Read more

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I was at a SAMs store and saw patio blind reduced to $25. I didn't buy because I needed to measure first. Went back next morning and item was sold out. I asked if any of the other SAMs had any. I was told I'd have to ck. Went to another SAMs 14 miles way. They had the item but it was $50 not $25. I asked about the price difference and was told each store set their own price on discount items. Manager was not willing to match price of other SAMs.... Read more

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Worst service on sams club gas station

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I got a membership at online in Sept 2015, but never got a membership card. When called, I was told that I can shop at local store, just bring my membership number to the front desk. I went to a store in Lawrenceville, NJ. The customer service rep were busy flirting with each other for about 10 min and one of them turned around and ask me to wait for a minute. Another 8 min went by before she asked me to wait again. I immediately left and... Read more

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I received a one day sale promotion last week, and was quick to place an order online thru the app for a 48 inch Tv. i got a confirmation email right away along with an ETA. much to my surprise i received an email today (4 days later) indicating that my Order Number: 7832581099 has been canceled, and I was not given any other alternative options. This is a great disappointment to me, my family and my kids since It was also my first major online... Read more

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In December we were shopping in SAMs Club and we're looking at cell phones. The SAMs club employee named Paul said that they had a special for SAMs club members that was buy one iPhone 6s+ and get one free. We verified with him that our account qualified for the discount and purchased the phones. After a few months I had not received any promised discounts on my bill and called ATT. After several times of speaking to agents that I couldn't... Read more

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For a company that charges you yearly for membership, you would think they would have a better service. These guys are absolutely pathetic with no regards to how much the consumer is suffering. They are clueless with your order details and will waste as much time as they can before they kind of try and throw everything up in the air citing a horrible policy that only helps them and screws their customers over. I ordered furniture from them and... Read more

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They need to stop harassing us to upgrade. I dont want to be bothered with that at the door or at checkout. HOLLAND ,MI SAMS IS HORRIBLE FOR THIS. I will go to Costco instead.

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