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I won a bid for 2.5 gal beverage dispenser on Sam's Club online auction for $1.One would think - great deal- however, the email confirmation stated the shipping/handling fee was $60!

Talking about price gouging and deceit!!

When I called their customer service was that $60 fees remain even if the item was returned! How did a $1 item become $61? Totally unfair and outrageous!

Be careful that it doesn't happen to you, and voice your complaint(s) when you feel you have been wronged.This was definitely wrong, and hope others learn from this situation.

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Feb 20 Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Had a similar issue. Won a computer on the auction then after talking with my husband I learned the computer was under powered for our needs. I called within a hour of winning to cancel the order and was assured that any monies charged against my card would be returned within three business. Three weeks later, just days before Christmas, the computer appeared at my door. After the holiday rush quieted down, I called to learn the return process. They told me that the 30 day return period had expired and the computer could not be returned. To my statement that the order had been canceled, they replied that no such information was present in the file. "Sorry" they said.

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Jan 14 Grand Blanc, Michigan

I was top bidder on an item also and it was cancelled because the item was not in stock, so you are bidding on an item that they don't necessarily have. What a joke! Wish i would have seen this page before I bid, customer service said if I see the item again to bid on another one. Really!?

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Jan 08

I had it also called them to let them know the weight was wrong and they credited my act. for the difference of 5# which it should of been not50# Had no problem. You may want to check the weight of the product.

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Dec 20, 2014 Cleveland, Ohio


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Nov 27, 2014 Salisbury, North Carolina

I stop'ed biding on things because of the shiping priceing. And they put things on the auction that they can't sell in the store or things that have been returned.

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Oct 31, 2014


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Oct 13, 2014 League City, Texas

i bid on 2 things and got an e mail saying my order was cancelled at my request. this is a complete lie.

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Betty boop

Oct 05, 2014

I bid and won 2 make up brush sets. Shipping on each nearly $50. I wanted the sets, but they got me on shiiping. Next time was on I bid again in order to check shipping charges. Total was $18! I've sent several emails to them with no response.

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Oct 01, 2014 Byron, Georgia

Lucy, there is a way that is done without you being aware of it. I do it myself. Say the bid is 20 and I want to discourage other bidders, I might bid $35. Then it will show me that I have a bid of 21 with a maximum of $35. So every time someone bids (up to $35), it is going to increase my bid by a dollar.
I hope they will get discouraged and drop out. Then I get it at a lower rate if I don't have competition.
Hope this helps you.

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Oct 01, 2014 Byron, Georgia

I have been using the auction for about a year and have been quite happy. Before I submitted the bid, I was shown what the S & H would be plus the taxes and the grand total. It was always spot on!
I do go an extra step and that is I research the item on line to see if it is a good deal for me or if I would do just as good to buy locally.

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Aug 26, 2014

why is it no matter how much I bid I am immediately outbid. Also been looking at item for days. There have been no less than seven of this item up for auction one at a time. As soon as one ends another one goes up starting at $1.00 I bid $90 just to see what happens sure enough before it even goes through someone has bid $91.00 and we are the only 2 bidders!! This site is a scam.

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Just My Opinion

Aug 27, 2014

I buy from Sam's Club all the time too. However, I experience the same thing Lucy does every time I bid in the auctions. The auctions clearly are not running honestly. They seem to be running the price up because the number of bids placed does not change when it says that someone has outbid me. Sam's Club has a third party running the auction so of course they make more by running the auctions up when no one is really bidding. It is disappointing they do this and I am likely not to use the auction anymore.

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Sep 05, 2014 Harlingen, Texas

I have purchased items off the Sam's Club Auction site, and had nothing but great experiences. When you bid it tells you what the shipping and taxes are, so the original complaint (not yours) is outdated. Also, I have won things for as low as $5, like an Xbox One game, and after shipping it was about $10 total. I am sure there are people that are on the site all the time bidding to buy these things so they can resell them later. I have seen water coolers go for $200 plus on this site so a $90 bid isn't really a big deal. Some items end up closing for more than they're worth, but a lot of things close pretty low and at huge savings.

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sams  shopper

Aug 07, 2014 Bryan, Texas

not true i but from them all the time

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Aug 04, 2014

Now when you bid it tells you what the shipping costs are, even includes taxes.

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Jul 16, 2014

Won a watch and recieved one that had a warranty card already filled out by someone from Plano, Tx .
Purchased another exact one and no warranty card or instructions came with it. Customer service never responded to my inquiry.
Sam Walton is rolling over in his grave.

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Apr 21, 2014

It has been problematic on this auction website for years. Yes, they do charge you VERY high shipping and handling fees for no obvious reason. I was told that the website was outsourced to a 3rd party.
Recently I experienced even more severe issues, three times in a row that they cancelled my won bids. I was told that they don't have the merchandise that was on auction, and sorry. Are you serious?!
Someone has to clean up this shop ASAP as Sams Club is a legitimate company. Tks.

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Apr 14, 2014 Lima, Ohio

I sure wish I would have read these comments before I ever bid on a Sam's Club auction and have them keep my money for a month!~

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Apr 14, 2014 Lima, Ohio

Sam's Club Auctions are really a shame and an outrage to Sam's Club patrons. Won a dyson sweeper on the auction site and received a *** computer office briefcase piece of ***. Had to wait until Sam's Club received the wrong item they sent us to get the $300+ refund due on our sweeper. Are you kidding me????? Three weeks later they say they processed our credit but will probably take 3-5 days to hit our credit card. In the meantime, we will be charged interest on the money for a sweeper they never sent us. What a sham, what a mess, what a shame, in excusable, an outrage! DO NOT PURCHASE ITEMS OFF OF THEIR AUCTIONS! Way too much hassle, expense, etc. Customer Service is a joke, they keep saying "we do apologize for your inconvenience..." over and over. YES, IT IS A HUGE INCONVENIENCE. GET OVER YOURSELF AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS OR SHUT YOUR WEBSITE DOWN.

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Lesson Learned

Jan 17, 2014

I checked around the Internet and this seems to happen frequently...
Final email:
The fact that the item is still in stock for purchase and delivery throughout this whole ordeal and I still couldn't get that order/auction filled just boggles the mind. I don't care about the $25 dollar gift card just like Sam's (and Walmart for that matter) does not care about its customers. I'll exercise my only real purchasing power and both Sam's Club and Walmart won't see any more of my money cross their books. I'll be sure to share this dreadful experience with everyone I know. I want no further business with either related companies.
On 1/10/2014 1:52 PM, wrote:
> To help us provide the best service possible to you, please do not change the subject of, or any replies to, this email. > > To Me: > > Thank you for contacting Sam's Club in regards to your recent inquiry concerning an inventory issue. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you. There was as system issue that resulted in items being automatically relisted when they were in fact out of stock. We are still working to identify all of the items and the member's that has been affected by this issue. We would like to offer you a $25 Gift card for the inconvenience. Please reply back with the complete address you would like the giftcard sent to. > > If you need further assistance regarding other issues, please use our Answer Center located
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