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Sep 17, 2011
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I won a bid for 2.5 gal beverage dispenser on Sam's Club online auction for $1.One would think - great deal- however, the email confirmation stated the shipping/handling fee was $60!

Talking about price gouging and deceit!!

When I called their customer service was that $60 fees remain even if the item was returned! How did a $1 item become $61? Totally unfair and outrageous!

Be careful that it doesn't happen to you, and voice your complaint(s) when you feel you have been wronged.This was definitely wrong, and hope others learn from this situation.

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Jul 16

Won a watch and recieved one that had a warranty card already filled out by someone from Plano, Tx .
Purchased another exact one and no warranty card or instructions came with it. Customer service never responded to my inquiry.
Sam Walton is rolling over in his grave.

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Apr 21

It has been problematic on this auction website for years. Yes, they do charge you VERY high shipping and handling fees for no obvious reason. I was told that the website was outsourced to a 3rd party.
Recently I experienced even more severe issues, three times in a row that they cancelled my won bids. I was told that they don't have the merchandise that was on auction, and sorry. Are you serious?!
Someone has to clean up this shop ASAP as Sams Club is a legitimate company. Tks.

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Apr 14 Lima, Ohio

I sure wish I would have read these comments before I ever bid on a Sam's Club auction and have them keep my money for a month!~

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Apr 14 Lima, Ohio

Sam's Club Auctions are really a shame and an outrage to Sam's Club patrons. Won a dyson sweeper on the auction site and received a *** computer office briefcase piece of ***. Had to wait until Sam's Club received the wrong item they sent us to get the $300+ refund due on our sweeper. Are you kidding me????? Three weeks later they say they processed our credit but will probably take 3-5 days to hit our credit card. In the meantime, we will be charged interest on the money for a sweeper they never sent us. What a sham, what a mess, what a shame, in excusable, an outrage! DO NOT PURCHASE ITEMS OFF OF THEIR AUCTIONS! Way too much hassle, expense, etc. Customer Service is a joke, they keep saying "we do apologize for your inconvenience..." over and over. YES, IT IS A HUGE INCONVENIENCE. GET OVER YOURSELF AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS OR SHUT YOUR WEBSITE DOWN.

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Lesson Learned

Jan 17

I checked around the Internet and this seems to happen frequently...
Final email:
The fact that the item is still in stock for purchase and delivery throughout this whole ordeal and I still couldn't get that order/auction filled just boggles the mind. I don't care about the $25 dollar gift card just like Sam's (and Walmart for that matter) does not care about its customers. I'll exercise my only real purchasing power and both Sam's Club and Walmart won't see any more of my money cross their books. I'll be sure to share this dreadful experience with everyone I know. I want no further business with either related companies.
On 1/10/2014 1:52 PM, wrote:
> To help us provide the best service possible to you, please do not change the subject of, or any replies to, this email. > > To Me: > > Thank you for contacting Sam's Club in regards to your recent inquiry concerning an inventory issue. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you. There was as system issue that resulted in items being automatically relisted when they were in fact out of stock. We are still working to identify all of the items and the member's that has been affected by this issue. We would like to offer you a $25 Gift card for the inconvenience. Please reply back with the complete address you would like the giftcard sent to. > > If you need further assistance regarding other issues, please use our Answer Center located
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May 30 Shreveport, Louisiana

Your right; SAMs shows by actions, not words; they couldn't care less about the need of the customer. Their CUSTOMER SERVICE is the WORST!

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Jan 05

I had good luck on a set of sterling silver bracelets - I paid $40.00 and they had them in the store for $119.00 - and a ring that I got for $100.00 and was in the store for $250.00. If you find something you like I would recommend going to the store and finding the item there and seeing what it sells for. You don't want to pay too much which can easily happen. I was charged $6.00 for shipping and handling so I didn't have any complaints there but I agree with the original poster that it can be a big deal on a large item.

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Dec 23, 2013 Raleigh, North Carolina

I won a bid for a television, thinking I was getting a good price. They socked me for 83.00 in shipping charges, making it no deal at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. I also will no longer continue to renew my membership and will never buy another item from them EVER!!!!

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Dec 17, 2013

On Dec 8th, 2013 I placed an order for an ipad mini for my husband's birthday along with another item order#2422873992. I received a confirmation of my order with approximate arrival date. However, the day before I suppose to receive the ipad they sent me a Cancellation of order e-mail. Saying that they are sorry but have to cancel my order. I sent them an e-mail and told them that what they have done is wrong and asked for a call back. Waited two days and on Dec 13th I called their Customer Service center. A young lady named Lisa tried to help me and told me that she does not understand why they cancelled my order. She asked me to place the order again and told me that they will express my order at no charge and that she has got the ok from her supervisor. I place the order again order# 2459500959 . I waited until today and instead of my ipad I recieved another "Sorry but we have cancel your order" e-mail again. I called their CS again and asked to talk to a supervisor after waiting for a while a lady name Marie got on the phone with me. She said the reason they cancelled my order both time is because they don't have the item on stock. I told her but I see it on your site and it does not say "out of stock" she said "that is correct" she continued with; we won't say out of stock bit we sure and let you know that we cannot fulfill your order. I thought I was in an episode of Hillbilly show. I told her but that is not right and she said well that is how it is done here and... Show more

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Dec 07, 2013

You have to review the bids. I was bidding on some folding chairs. They were selling on average for about $8.00 to $10.00 each. When I researched the shipping and handling it was $ like $22.00 a chair.
I bowed out. The information is posted when you submit a bid. Sometimes the shipping costs are extreme. On average if you watch you can still get some good deals. Buyer Beware.

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mt 1

Nov 24, 2013

when bidding on a high priced item, the bid history showed no bids since 1043 pm. i raised my bid st 1138 and i noticed the message stated i was outbid. bid history showed i was outbid at 1043, my bid was registered at 1138. bid again at 1151, which the bid history register as such,but out bid at 1043 again


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I like auctions

Jul 04

When I had bid higher then 10 dollars I expected to see the price on the auction reflect the 10 dollar increase but it had only gone up the minimum bid of a dollar over the amount of the previous bid.. So my friend You are unaware of a previous bidders high bid only the dollar increase. Please keep this in mind. When it comes back to you that you are winning then someone behind you (if they like the same product) will be competing with you on a higher level. It is like a silent auction you are unaware of the high bid til you are told you are losing but by how much is in question.

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Nov 07, 2013

Just as recent as today 7-Nov-2013 it happened again. I never searched for issue with Sam's Club Auction, I should have before being burned!

Won bid for "Canon EOS Rebel 60D DSLR Camera Bundle with 18-135mm Lens, 70-300mm Lens, 8GB SD Card, and Camera Bag - 165879". Order confirmation reads above line exactly paid a reasonable price of course. Received item was missing 70-300mm lens! My first thought may be a mistake, but no. Called customer service she created "ticket" and informed me that Order Department will call you in 2-3 business days. Never got a call. I called again they gave me another ticket and told they will within few hours. Within 30 mins I got email from fedex with RMA and shipping label! No calls. I called again and the lady told me "all auctions are as is" I said Ok I understand but auction are as is if order something and I say I don't like it. She said you return the item if you don't like or you can keep it! I again tried to explain to her in simple terms. If I order Nikon camera and I receive the Nikon camera and if I say 'you know, I don't like Nikon can you send me Canon as replacement' then it make sense that you can say "all orders are as is" But I paid for full items and I received only half order and you are saying keep it if you like! What!?

Reaping off. I am not sure whom to contact because all I hear from customer service was hey I do apologize for the inconvenience, but there is nothing I can do.
This sort of
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May 30 Shreveport, Louisiana

The customer service at SAMs is the WORST! They show no empathy. It's nice to be important; IT'S MORE IMPORTANT TO BE NICE. SAMS SUCKS!

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Nov 06, 2013

Another terrible SAMs club story. Not surprising.

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Oct 21, 2013

Updates show shipping and taxes before you complete bid....

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Oct 08, 2013

It tells how much shipping is before you confirm your bid
All you have to do is look and cancel before bid is placed

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Jun 15

Not always, I bid on an item this afternoon and nothing at all showed the shipping charges! In fact I can't even navigate to where I go to pay since I won the item....... one of the most frustrating sites I have been to yet!

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I love auctions

Jul 04

You probably had a virus like I had this week.
If it is not navigating properly check it out with Microsoft and see if your computer has been
infected. A new virus under the name of hijack is scanning and infecting. especially on auction sites that have your account info. like Sam's credit info. and passes.

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