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I never knew about a after10am shopping rule for regular members. I went there at about 9:15 am to purchase some ink for my printer.

I was able to come into the store a get the ink and take it to the checkout counter and the cashier took my membership card and started to ring it up but a manager stop her from letting me buy it so they lost over a $100 sale because I purchased my ink at another store. If they are going to have such a rule then they should have a sign in front of store stating no one is allowed in store except upgraded members untill 10am instead of waiting untill you start to checkout or for that matter even having the opportunity to enter the store and then be told they have to upgrade their membership in order to shop early.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

Reason of review: the way I was treated as a regular member.

Sams Club Cons: Crappy customer service, Way i was treated.

  • Ridiculous Service Sam s
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In advance members who signed up for the 100$ member ship get to go in for early shopping hours, (7:00am) members who signed up for the standard membership $45 can shop at 10:00am. That is why they could not go through with the process, in that case if they let you in the club, and they did not let you go through with the check out I would have spoken with the local manager, since they did not check your card when you went inside the club! Hope this helps


Maybe when you get 80 years old you will understand how sometimes you don't comprehend things like you did when you were younger. You need to show respect for others instead of making wise cracks about their situation instead of being helpful in a kind way.

Just remember this young man your day is coming and you will look back on how you disrespected me.

What goes around will come around. That is for sure.

The point is you are in the wrong.


The real point here is you just like to keep intimidating people because you like to. If you really trying to help this persons situation you would have been more kind to his comment instead of keeping on making smart remarks.

Maybe that is how you get your kicks but no one needs any advice in this manner.

Do not answer me back because I got better things to do than playing word games with you. You need to grow up.


Thank You whoever you are. Like you I don't have time to play word games with this person either.

Maybe he will get the message this time and shut up. As far as I am concerned this matter is closed.