Hiram, Georgia
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I worked at Sam's Club 4802 under the management of Kevin Morrell, a complete ***. My direct manager was John Gianetti.

My daughter has breast cancer and has to have a double mastectomy. I had to call in to be with her. John told my if I *** called in again he would *** fire me. I needed to wait until after inventory to call in so he could fire me then.

I told Kevin about this when he was giving one of his famous lectures for asking for help. He "supposedly" talked to John about this when in fact he should have fired him for it. These *** I mean managers didn't give a *** about me or my daughter. I pray everyday that nothing like this happens to one of their daughters.

The computer based scheduling is BS too. We never had enough help and God help you if you asked for any help. Corporate would come in to talk to the associates because they got so many complaints about Kevin but everybody was scared to talk because they were afraid of losing their jobs. Karma is coming around to that club and they will get what they deserved.

Kevin would even neglect his own family because he thought he was the only manager that could run that place. He is the worst GM I have ever worked for. He was demoted twice before coming to Hiram. When we heard we was getting him we were so disappointed.

What ever you do, don't shop here.

Go to Douglasville or Marietta. Any where but here.

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I work at Sam's and knew a guy who had a relative die every time he was hung over. They let it slide knowing he was lying until he had so much time off that they could say you need to come to work or not come in at all.

Sam's goes a long way to assist in situations like this but when they don't believe you they revel in being an ***.

How much time have you had off in what time frame?