Rochester, New York
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In 9/2010 I purchased 2 of the Ashford rockers/recliners from Sam's Club in south Bend, Indiana. On 1 of them the foot recling mechanism is now bend, I weigh 200 lbs. The whole right side of the chair is loose. I have tighten all the scres & bolts & it says tight for a couple of weeks & then gets loose once again. My husband lost the receipt. I am totally displeased with this product!! What can I do? My husband's recliner is fine but mine is continually loose. He weights 235 lbs. Please let me know asap.


Carol Holifield

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Are you trying to get trolled? Why are you telling us your weight that is completely irrelevant.

The only thing that matters is that there is a one year manufacturers warranty on the item and that time has past. However, if your Sams is like mine they will take back anything at anytime with a receipt. You don't have a receipt but they keep receipts saved on file for a time usually longer then the warranty. There is no telling how long you receipt will be on file and it may already be gone.

Did you buy an extended warranty?

That would keep the receipt on file longer and leave the window of return open longer. you should prepare yourself for the possibility that you will not be getting a return.