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Doug Jones started working for Sam's Club, part of the Wal-Mart Corporation, on January 15, 1990. At this time, Sam's Club had just opened its first store a mere seven years before Doug's start date. Doug enjoyed working at the fast growing store, so much so that he continued to work for them for 21 years. Doug worked happily and diligently with no problems from management, until November 15, 2011, one month before the Vietnam veteran was eligible for retirement.

On this day in November 2011, Doug was just about to clock out of his position as a full-time electronics associate, when a long time, regular customer came in. Fully aware of Walmart Corporation’s stringent rules on overtime, Doug called for backup to replace him several times, but received none. Doug acted reasonably and in alignment with the Company procedures and business interests, and continued to provide a "customer-first" approach by helping the customer for 9.5 minutes. Little did he know at the time that these 9.5 minutes- on top of a 21 year loyalty at the company- would be his last.

Doug Jones is a war veteran, father, grandfather, a faithful employee, and an active member of his Neighborhood Association. For working 9.5 minutes overtime assisting a customer, he was wrongfully terminated and still to this day, four years later, has not received his severance benefits from Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is a $145 BILLION industry, and yet still has not been able to part with the severance benefits that Doug rightfully deserves. The 9.5 minutes of overtime would amount to $4.18 additional to Doug's paycheck...surely this is not why they terminated him and refuse to speak with him on the phone?

It makes you wonder: if this was done to Doug, how many other long-term employees have been heartlessly dismissed just before their retirement?

Please share this story and let the world know how Sam’s Club treats its devoted employees.

If anyone has any advice or legal consult to provide to help Doug’s case, please call 719-390-6823.

Reason of review: Wrongful Termination.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Sams Club Pros: Reasonable price.

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Ypsilanti Sam’s Club (store #6667) is the worst branch ever. Things are unorganized and people are rude.

The last person you want to speak to is the manager. Very rude and irresponsible. The other day I had an issue due to lack of organization in the club. Instead of apologizing and correcting the problem, this manager scolded me, turned away, and walked away from me.

I am never going to this branch again.

I wrote to the Sams Club Customer service, and if I did not receive a satisfactory reply, I will cancel my Sams club membership and join another wholesale provider in town. Save yourself a bad experience and avoid this branch.


Indeed, surely this is not why they terminated him. They would not have terminated him for this one indiscretion.

He must have had previous write ups.

If that is the case, then they cannot play favorites based on family, personal history, or how active he is in the community. If this was truly his first write up, then he should not have been fired, but if it was, say, his fourth, then it is not wrongful termination.