Rochester, New York

My Mom has been interested in a Sam's Club membership. She looked on line, and printed out a 24 hour pass.

The time was printed at the top. It was like 8:30 pm. The next morning she asked if I would go with her. We got to the store before noon.

After shopping for about an hour we were ready to check out. The lady at the checkout was having trouble entering the code from the e mail. They sent us to the customer service counter. The lady there said the pass was for one day, the day before.

We insisted the paper clearly states 24 hours and should be good. She did something on the computer and was about to ring up our items. She stopped and told us we would have to pay 10% extra to purchase the items, negating any savings. We just left.

What is the use of offering a 24 hour pass if it is not a 24 hour pass.

We were not impressed with most of the prices as it was. I seriously doubt my Mother will buy a membership.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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go to bj's they have a 60 trial pass. thats *** to charge a 10% charge on a trial member when there goal is to get you to become a perm.

member. go to bjs


It is a one day pass. Usually, it is for that day when it is advertised (June 5th from 10am to 8pm).

Also, there is a 10% charge on the items purchased if the buyer is not a member.

It is to get you to buy a membership. Sam's runs these free day passes every month. IF Sam's didn't take on that 10% for non-members, there would be some people who would only shop once a month at Sam's.

You want to shop at the club, buy a membership. See how easy that is?



you must work at Sam's too



you must work at Sam's too


Its called a one day pass not a 24 hour pass. Calling it a 24 hour pass doesn't change anything at all.

YOU messed up but they let you ring out anyway. A 10% upcharge is part of the deal so deal with it or buy a membership.