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Simple issue here. I ordered a bridal set for my wife from Sam's Club online.

The order confirmation email stated that someone is required to sign for delivery when it arrives.

I felt like this was a reasonable requirement considering the small nature and extreme value of the package.

My wife and I had been tracking it online to ensure someone was available for the delivery.

This afternoon as I sat in my family room, I received notification on my smartphone from my security camera of motion at our front door.

Imagine my disappointment when I went to the door and found a box from Sam's Club sitting outside for all to see or worse; walk away with.

I understand that nowadays many Amazon, FedEx and UPS packages are delivered in this manner.

However, my confirmation strictly stated that a signature was required. In fact, the tape on the package actually reads, "If seal is broken, check contents before accepting".

So what I don't understand is how Sam's Club sells these high-dollar jewelry items and don't require "positive confirmation" of delivery.

There were other rings that were more expensive than ours and I can't imagine tens- of thousands of dollars simply being left on porches across the country.

The below photos show the item, its subsequent packaging and delivery method.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Delivery Service.

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I can top that stupidity. When my husband passed away Principal Life Insurance Co.

sent a $140K check to my unsecured street mailbox. No advance notice for me to be on the lookout.

No signing for it, nothing. Anyone could have taken that check out of the mailbox and ran with it.

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