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I don't have a problem with Food Stamps and feel that it can be a good program that benefits a lot of people.However, yesterday, I stood behind 3 women in line at Sam's Club with a cake that was 3 feet x 1 1/2 feet with Hello Kitty decorations.

$60 dollars...and she paid for it with a SNAP card. $60 dollars! This just chaps my butt. This is just wrong and a bunch of ***!

There is something wrong with the system when money designed for food for a month can so callously be wasted on a $60 cake.It probably would have not bothered me had it been a 20 dollar cake but $60 just blows my mind.

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Meanwhile somewhere....... The white people go to work! :)


Maybe she ate nothing but ramen or tuna "casserole" (my mom's specialty involving boxed mac and cheese, green beans, and tuna- it's especially delicious when your fridge springs a leak and is out of commission until your landlord can get a contractor over to fix it but you need to eat in the meantime) for a month or two beforehand to save money for the cake.You do realize that the funds can roll over from one month to the next, right?

I'm not on SNAP myself (make just a little bit too much to qualify here in Virginia), but I'd be pissed off if I was the one buying the cake to give a kid who probably hasn't had anything nice or fun in months a "normal" birthday just like any other kid and had to face snide comments and massive side eye from people judging me without knowing the situation.For all we know, the woman could be a foster mom using food stamps to buy a birthday cake for a kid who was just recently placed with her and is in dire need of some normalcy and stability (SNAP is just many of the benefits that foster parents get on behalf of the kids that they take in simply because the financial assistance that many places offer just isn't enough to cover the stuff that these kids need, from food to clothing and even medical care).


How sad that you are so judgemental. Is it possible that She just spent half of her monthly good allotment to make a child happy?


Why does it matter? I'm pretty sure you have someone in your family that has them. A least it's not beer!

to Annumous Nye County, Nevada, United States #1351406

But a sixty dollar cake is basically using three fourths of them on the cake, and if you knew how to read you would see that the food stamps is not the issue but the spending $60 on cake when it could be used to feed her children healthy and nutritious food. You are only ASSuming that their family is on food stamps, and even if they are they probably do not spend 75 percent of their food money on cake.


Funny...The leading recipients of SNAP, formerly food stamps, and Welfare are Caucasian.

While, I agree that many people do abuse the system... Most are hard working mothers like myself. And I also agree that a $60 cake was a bit outlandish... South shall rise again?


Why did this become an issue of race?This was clearly an issue of ignorance.

Chisinau, Chisinau, Moldova #1345854

14/88 White pride, worldwide!

to White Power #1348508

Right on!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #1333139

I cannot wait until the south rises again!

to *** Democrats #1343255

I agree! Screw the liberal agenda, and the south WILL rise again!

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