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I don't have a problem with Food Stamps and feel that it can be a good program that benefits a lot of people. However, yesterday, I stood behind 3 women in line at Sam's Club with a cake that was 3 feet x 1 1/2 feet with Hello Kitty decorations.

$60 dollars...and she paid for it with a SNAP card. $60 dollars! This just chaps my butt. This is just wrong and a bunch of ***!

There is something wrong with the system when money designed for food for a month can so callously be wasted on a $60 cake. It probably would have not bothered me had it been a 20 dollar cake but $60 just blows my mind.

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People need to mind their own damn business. If they want to use their food stamps to buy cake and you don't like it, too bad.

The law allows that. It's their decision, not yours. This is the main problem with this country today. Many people don't mind their business and stick their noses where it doesn't belong.

Like they have nothing better to do. That is why you see so much fighting and violence in America today.

Because people don't mind their business. So mind your own business!


Whether she is in the wrong or right, this issue has to deal with the program, the government not Sams club.


What an entitled brat


People have nothing better to do. Focus on your self.

Maybe her child has had a difficult year. Maybe the child just went into remission or maybe her father died.

Point us you have no idea what is going on in other peoples lives and feel the right to make assumptions. Worry about your self.


I don’t know you but I do know that you have no idea what you are talking about nor the circumstances that happened before or after this purchase.How dare you assume that because a person receives benefits they don’t work. It has been a requirement for years now just to be eligible.

The pure ignorance of this post is amazing ,btw did you know that some Mother’s actually “SAVE UP” to prepare for special events like birthdays for their children over the course of months ? Also, since they work don’t they pay taxes too?


But the money is not her money.


The benefits are a part of the income that she receives but so is her weekly or biweekly paycheck. Also I do not work for the State of Louisiana anymore but I did for 8 years, and I know firsthand that these people tend to bargain shop to get by because typically food stamps only supplement income to assist with groceries, so even a full allotment won’t carry a family for a full month.

So she bought the expensive cake, it’s no different than the other food that she would have paid for in cash and more than likely this was the cake that the child wanted. Now if it was a wedding cake I would have a very different opinion.


The difference is the cake is not healthy, and the other food is.Just because a child wants something does not mean that they are guaranteed it. Even those who have jobs have to say no to their child if the item is not within their budget.

Giving a child everything that they want is a great way to spoil them. The child will end up spoiled and on EBT themselves if she does this.


@ObsoleteGiantClam432 Buying your child a cake for their birthday does not equate to spoiling them, but honestly I feel that any child should be able to have a nice birthday regardless of their parents’ socioeconomic standing so I have no problem with this because it was a strong gesture for the child and it only happens once yearly. Also it’s not my business nor yours what another person buys for their family because although you may have this disillusioned view of how you think that you take care of these people, it simply isn’t true.


It’s not your business how much her cake cost or what method she used to pay for it. Get a life.


You are wrong there. When you pay taxes for these programs and they use it to buy expensive cakes rather than healthy food, they have every right to complain.

The OP works may not be able to afford a $60 cake.

However these people who do not work use his or her hard earned money to buy cake.They are buying the cake with his or her money. That being said they have every right to complain.


Their super-sized rear-posteriors are the result of an overabundance of food stamps.


Preposterous! Going out of us tax payers money


I love using TrumpStamps to cover mah $250 designer cakes from The Fresh Market and Whole Foods.


I think you mean your Obama stamps. Trump is trying to get all you lazy butts to work and pay for your own crap. Get a JOB


They are kidding.


That card is issued for the child’s needs as well and if it was a birthday gift that baby may have picked that one out! Find you something better to write about smh... you most definitely have to be a Trump supporter


They have every right to complain. Their tax money goes to food stamps.

If people abuse the program he has every right to complain. Do not see why they could not make their own cake or get something cheaper.


You and your kind are so stupid


He is not stupid. He is right.

The OP has a right to complain. The women have no right spending this money on unhealthy food.