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Got up a 6AM pickup up car for tire rotation, arrived at Sams Club St. Louis Park MN at 7AM. No one was working in tires AGAIN. I asked and was told should in by 7:30. Went to membership desk, asked about renewal "free add-on membership" coupons (sent with Sams renewal notice). They told me $45 to add-on member (crazy). But the coupon say free!!! This is the only reason to renew!! Went home, wasting 1:45, not having tires rotated, or renewing my membership

Tire workers have never been there on time (sometime at 8AM) after several visits to this and other stores. Also, one problem with loose lug nuts at Sams store. All lug nuts on the LF tire were loose. Now I check them every-time after a tire almost fell off. Of course the local Sam's claims no responsibility.

I was at the Bloomington MN Sam's Club, when a elderly woman killed walking out the front door with her husband. The SUV had sped away hitting several cars on the way out of the parking lot. I am told that the police finally caught the SUV. Sam's employees did not seem to care, just walked around accident scene, collecting carts.

I have been a Sams club member for about 20 years. Joined COSTCO in 80's, then the Wholesale Club bought out the Minneapolis stores. The service and quality suffered. Then Sam's bought out the Wholesale Club stores. And - The service and quality suffered again. Now COSTCO is back and I am a business member and question why renew my Sams membership. The last 3 TV's I bought from Sams had to be returned due to issues. Bought 3 TVs from COSTCO, no issues. Sams 7AM business hours are nice but tire, photo, and other departments are not manned.

This other complaint from Consumer Affairs sums up my feeling about Sam's Club.:

"I have been a member of Sam's for over 11 years... And I have finally had it with this chain. I am not going to renew my membership. Someone told me that since the Founder's children took over the business it pretty much sucks. And I see a HUGE difference in service, treatment of the customer and the quality of the products offered since I have been going to them. And when you try to give them feedback about what you are looking for or want kept on the shelves, they do not care. "

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Tire Rotation.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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If the company is so bad why continue to shop there for so many years it's good to try to be loyal but how many chances you gone give them and you are paying a membership while you complain?


They don't get paid enough to care. But it seems one decent employee (commenter below) does care, that's cool.


I work at Sam's Club. First, Sam Walton's children DO NOT run Sam's Club.

I can only speak for what goes on in the club I work in, and I will say that same problem has happened in the TBC at my club - and it was not the TBC associates fault - it was management's fault for not scheduling an opener for that area. And to be truthful, management would rather keep it closed until the next person scheduled in TBC arrives. They do not want to deal with it, mainly because management do not know what they are doing in that area (nor in many other areas of the club)....so they can't do what managers at many other places would do - roll up their sleeves and take over.

Thirdly, your business add-on coupon is most definitely for a free business add on.

You need to renew your membership first and then member services will add the add-on person to your membership for free (a $45 value). It sounds like the people that work at membership at your club do not know what they are talking about or their was a communication breakdown of some sort.

I am sorry that you had such bad customer service. :(