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I am am so upset with Sam's Club that I think I will cancel my membership of 25 years. I was shopping yesterday and two of the aisles were closed.

One had no one doing anything at all in the aisle and there were at least 5 people in the other aisle doing nothing but talking while their machine ran. I asked one of the help when the aisles would open. She replied "Never" this is a warehouse!" after I said that this should be done after hours so shoppers would have a chance to pick up items that they had driven almost a 100 miles to purchase. I have found Sam's Club to have gone down and down in quality of service and prices since their move to their new location a few years back.

You will find items not in stock. I tried to get some milk on one trip and their was one gallon only. They have a door on their refrigerated section that has been broken and replaced with cardboard for more than a month. I have found items that I really like and the next trip they are no longer being carried.

I assume the producers of the product wouldn't sell to them at a rate they wanted so they were dropped. They always have some promotion that they are pushing and have checkers that don't know what they are doing. I had one give me another persons card and tell me that I didn't get my check back after completing checkout. I persisted and did get it back.

It has become such a hassle to shop there. I did notice that the last few times there are so few customers that I am able to get through the checkout fairly quickly. That was never the case in prior years and the wait was interminable. I would so welcome a Costco as they are known for the quality of their service and products.

I have many more complaints about their service but these are the most pertinent and the latest ones. I can never contact the manager to complain in person. I guess you have to put up with this poor business like behavior if there is no competition.

Hopefully there will be a day when Costco will come in to replace them as their customer base appears to be drying up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Sams Club Pros: Frozen selection, Produce, Good prices on dairy.

Sams Club Cons: Closed aisles, Rude help, Products moved from location, No boxes to use, Stop carrying items, Tight parking spaces, Carts tangled together, Difficulty finding items.

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You have no right to go to the warehouse, next time have mommy read the sign to you that says "employees only". They sell in bulk so one gallon is the only one available, Costco too will only sell in large quantities.

Don't want that much to to a grocery store. The world does not revolve around you, just because you do not like something does not mean other people like it. If it does not sell fast they will either sell it for a lower price to get people to buy the product, or return it to the headquarters. Also stop lying, how can you be a customer for 25 years if you are only five year old?

The math does not add up. Or are you actually an adult behaving childishly?


Shut up ! Leave him alone.