Purchased a tv from Sam's club three weeks ago. We saw it advertised yesterday for $150 less.

We called and were told price match is only 7 days. We chalked this up to a learning experience with this retailer. However, today I find it online with their own club for $180 less. I go to the store thinking this should be no problem to get a refund.

I was badly mistaken. I am now told we don't match our own online prices. The asinine recommendation given to me is to return it and purchase it from another retailer! REALLY???

Who wins in this situation? I have risk damaging the tv or my back lifting it to get the sale price. Who in charge of policies made this the rule. I will make my future electronic and large purchases at Costco.

The always provide excellent customer service and never give you a hassle. I did try calling customer service as we'll.

they also just quoted policy. These policies will put you out of business!!!

Monetary Loss: $180.

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They don't match prices because then people would know how much they are being ripped off when you have to count in the fact you pay them for membership.


People at Sam's club work because they have to not because they want to. It would cost them much more if we return the item and buy at a lower price.

If you can't return the item due to loss of box or whatever, buy the item at the lower price and use the higher price receipt to return.

Till this day, I still do not understand the genius price match policy they have while they have a 90 days return policy.


Sam’s club statement about Online Price Matching as of 10/17

When purchasing online, Members can request a price match within 8 days of purchase for promotion items. We do not price match competitors but will price match ourselves to ensure our Members are getting exceptional deals. There are some promotional items/pricing that cannot be extended due to the type of Event, One Day Only Event, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.

Naples, Florida, United States #1186981

Very few retailers price match after 7 days. And very few price match their own company. It is not asinine, it is business.

Rancho Cordova, California, United States #1186976

That is a simple fix. .

Return the item and repurchase. .

You have 90 days to return so just repurchase at the discounted price.

to Anonymous #1410943

I did the same thing as you have to play the game if they don't help. Also the clubs wont match each other as well even if they are 6 miles apart.


Same problem but with two heaters...sams now has for $25 less than when I bought them 3 weeks ago. Was told 1 week price adjustment only!

Really? I will return them and get the new ones.

Lakeville, Minnesota, United States #1038967

do what myself and my wife did ,when they asked us to renew our membership ,we said we have be so dismayed by the poor service and ridiculous policy's that we are going to Costco,we did this in the checkout line about 4 or 5 times until a manger kicked us out of the apple valley MN store.never went back.card into the shredder

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #816624

Um guys Walmart is the one that price matches not Sams. I don't know if Walmart will do a price match only after 7 days but Sams will never do a price match ever.

Just... no.


If the price had gone up $180 instead of down $180 would you have felt obligated to hand over the extra $180? Yeah, didn't think so. Prices fluctuate, quit *** and enjoy your new TV.

to Anonymous #1392048

Well that's a *** comment!

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #747198

to the original poster & the first responder yes this is common practice in MANY stores. the reason being the "online store" has no brick & mortar location so they can charge less for the same items found in a conventional store.

and that's the same reason why these same retailer will NOT match the online pricing even from their own company it's for this reason that you're getting the deal because it's not in a traditional store front so they're not paying nearly 1/2 of the usual costs.

also most retailers will only price match other NON online advertised prices within a certain time frame excluding clearance/special ordered items.


Walmart does the same thing. I purchased an item at one Walmart store, and then went to a different store to purchase the same item.

The SAME EXACT ITEM (brand, style, everything) was more expensive at the second store, so I told them. They said "Sorry, we don't price match our own stores." Are you serious??

to Anonymous Niskayuna, New York, United States #770427

Those companies are ran by the same family you ***.

to Anonymous #888733

So, you point being??? Besides being an a s s on this forum, you are giving out information is false or that does not help anyone.

There are two Walmarts on each side of my location, only 7 miles apart, yet they are completely different territories and management. They have different prices all the time and will not price match each other.

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