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Yes, I agree the overcharge issue on shipping charges should be fairly easy to figure out, so let me once again explain so as to help you understand. I bought/ won several of the same items, the picture for 8.77 shows the amount SAMs club stated I would pay for shipping.

I was charged 29.00 EACH for shipping on all but one ITEM to my card that I have on file.

I'm pleased to say I have had this issue resolved (finally)after making several phone calls to SAMs club they have refunded all overcharges.

Original review posted by user Apr 05, 2013

I "won" several items from SAMs club auction site and they listed shipping charges one price but charged me more than 3 x the quoted amount! Estimated shipping...8.77.....charged to my account....29.47!

Strange thing is, I previously won the mentioned item 7 times over the last 6 months and it wasn't until recently that they started over charging on the last 4 or 5 items. Decided to bid on another stool without confirming my bid and sure enough shipping came up 8.77, so i took a picture for confirmation. A phone call to CS and I was assured it was a glitch in system and difference would be refunded. I was told that their phones were busy with same complaints.

Nothing has been refunded and has been over a week. Made another phone call tonite and am told system is down to phone back later. Took several attempts to get through as it was. Also, not sure what the problem is but SAMS club needs to train packing and shipping dept how to pack.

Stemware placed in box not wrapped or secured with bubble wrap?

Really? It is a wonder only one of the stemware was broken!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Most items have freight charges that exceed actual freight cost to Sams.

I have won several bids and then they cancel the items and I never get the product I won . While they do nt hit my card , I do want the products or I would not have bid on them. It has been over three months trying to resolve and CS just gives me the run around.


How many bar stools did you win? 3?

Then you pay 3 shipping charges.

Unless they offer a combined shipping amount, then you pay a separate shipping charge for each item. That should be fairly easy to figure out.