Abilene, Texas
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on 9/23/14 I made a bid on a Samsung microwave oven. The top bid at the time was $66. I placed a maximum bid of $78 with around 15 minutes remaining. my bid of $67 was still top bid when the auction closed. There were on other bids in the last 10 minutes.

Then, a few minutes after the auction closed I received an email from Sam's. I expected it to be notification of winning and payment but it told me that my top bid had been beaten by $1. This was definitely in violation of Sam's policy of extending the time if there were new bids placed in the last minutes. Perhaps this policy does not take effect if bids are placed AFTER the auction has closed.

Something definitely wrong is going on, perhaps even illegal. It certainly is shady at best.

Reason of review: overbid after auction closed.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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