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Purchased membership on Groupon. Went to use membership for first time and I went to the membership desk to find out if I needed a membership card or just my Groupon voucher.

Employee said he didnt know and he cant help me because Groupon is a third-party. He then told me that I would need to copy and paste some number that he didnt know where to find that number or what the number was called and go to some website to get membership. I asked him is there somebody here that can help me because I dont know anything about a number or a website. He said no, no one can help you.

Youll need to call Groupon. I said this is ridiculous and that I dont think Im going to shop here and that I was going to contact Sama corporate. He replied saying thats fine. My mother who was with me asked him did he just say thats fine?

I said yes and I turned around and asked him his name and he was like here ya go, here is my name, its Raul go right ahead and call. I was so upset and I could not believe that someone in customer service talks and treats customer like tht.

This was my very first experience there and it was a bad one that I will never forget! Needless to say, I got a refund and will not be returning.

User's recommendation: Shop at Costco.

Location: Coal City, Illinois

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"Purchased membership on Groupon" Then it makes sense that you contact GROUPON instead of playing the "I want to talk to the manager" game you silly muppet.

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