I arrived for my eye exam promptly, but stood at the counter for 15 min before any one would acknowledge me. Two workers sat 5 feet from the counter but would not make eye contact or speak.

Finally one asked if I was there for an eye exam (she knew all along) and gave me a clipboard of paperwork to fill out which was frustrating since I would have been finished.

Then seated where you buy eyewear she told me to take out my contacts. No sink to wash my hands, no contacts case to store them, no solution. I told her I didn't have a case and she asked why I didn't bring one. I finally convinced her to let me borrow one of theirs (this is an optical store and there are literally hundreds of them) and to let me wash my hands.

She took me to a side room with a sink and I asked her where the exam would be because I could not see any rooms with exam equipment. She refused to tell me and I told her I wasn't taking out my contacts without knowing where I was going because I'm legally blind without them. She said I should have brought glasses. I asked again and she said she'd have to get the doctor.

I won't make a complaint against the doctor because he warmed up after a while, but who knows what she said to him.

The kicker is this Sam's has eye exams two day's a week so I don't see how anyone could be exhausted from dealing with patients. I was there 45 mins. The exam took 6 mins and there were never any more patients during that time.

I'll pay the extra $50 for the professionalism of a doctors office next time.

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1247523

BEWARE!of Sam’s Club Optical.

They are selling counterfeit Zeiss lenses for a premium price.

Zeiss marks all of their lenses with a laser-engraved “Z” in the non-vision area of the lenses. This identifies them as legitimate Zeiss lenses.

I paid for Zeiss lenses on my eyeglasses from Sam’s Optical but the lenses that I received did not have the laser-engraved “Z” on them. When I notified them about it, they allowed me to return them. However, they are still selling the counterfeit lenses to others.

I should have taken the eyeglasses to the offices of the Attorney General for the state I live in.

So, that a full investigation could be conducted about this.Sam’s probably owes millions to others who have purchased the counterfeit lenses and do not know it.

I would avoid Sam’s Optical for your eyeglass needs.

----- Look for Z like ZEISS when you choose lenses http://www.zeiss.com/vision-care/en_de/better-vision/better-vision-with-zeiss/your-individualized-zeiss-lens/look-for-z-like-zeiss-when-you-choose-lenses.html

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1242514

I had an eye exam from a very patient and friendly female doctor.The trial lenses seemed ok so I ordered a supply.

However when I entered the real world I discovered the left lense was fuzzy and as time went by became uncomfortable. I went back and told the front desk guy and received a condescending lecture I.e.

" why would you order lenses before you found out the left one wasn't right.He was noticibily irritated and unfriendly.

Pinellas Park, FL.


I just had the exact same experience at the Sheffield OH Sam's club optical.Two people both seen me and knew I had an appointment but I had to wait over 20 minutes before the *** handed me paper work to fill out.

I walked out and called Target to get an appointment.I'm now considering canceling my membership.


I was there to shop for some grocery items, the Cashier was soo mean she told me that I have to put everything on the top to scanned eve heavy water packs I wonder why always sum's cashier is not happy and show no respect.


Nest time take your glasses and a case.. A little common sense goes a long way. Are you legally blind or blonde?

to Legally embarr***ed by you #1089963

bet you're the clerk


I purchased 2 pair of bifocals from sams about 6 months ago and asked for their best scratch resistant lenses - paid a premium.

After about 2 months the lens on my every-day glasses were scratched worse than the lens I had for the previous 4 years. I complained and was told I was cleaning them wrong, but I used the lense wipes Sam's optical dept sales. Was told I should wash the lens before using the wipes - doesn't make any sense.

I do not recommend purchasing glasses from Sams

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States #694066

I called to ask if the optical department at Sams Club in Fort Collins, CO would accept my insurance and was assured that they would but when I got there they refused to accept my insurance (EyeMed/United Healthcare).The optical department manager was not too nice about it.

I insisted that the store manager be called and when he arrived and listened to what had ocurred he stated -- to my own surprise -- that his wife had been treated the same way only the day before. He ordered the optical department manager to give me twenty five dollars from his cash register and stood there until this had been done.

The optical department manager complained that it was all the fault of eye doctors who owned the insurance companies and would not cover independent optometrists.The store manager replied: "You should have told the customer that when he called to find out if you would accept his insurance." :upset


This is a typical story of sam's optical that I can vouch for

Marietta, Georgia, United States #612581

I went to Sam’s Club in Marietta, GA for my progressive glasses.When they came I could see close up but not see far away.

I was told to take them home and try them for a while. After a week or so I was still not able to see well so I went back and they adjusted them. They said the glasses matched the prescription and if I have to come back again I would need to see the doctor. A few days later I called and made an appointment to see the doctor.

I had just broken ankle and had surgery to have a plate and six screws put in. I circled around the parking lot for a handicapped spot and realized my husband had taken my scooter out of the back of my van. It took me a while to get from the parking lot back to the optical department. When I got there I was told the doctor had gone to lunch because I was late for my appointment.

I was a little surprised and looked at my watch and I was seven minutes late! I said I’m sorry I’m seven minutes late but it took me a while to get into the store from the parking lot and pointed to my injured foot. She said just a minute and went into the back. The doctor came out in her coat and said she couldn’t see me because I was late.

I told her I would make another appointment. Then she continued to tell me that she “could” see me but that I was making her late for her lunch. I told her she didn’t have to be rude and I would make another appointment. Of course I didn’t intend to make it with her.

She then told...

By this time I had steam coming out of my ears. At that point she asked if he was black. I told her I really didn’t know. The exam was over two months ago, I had surgery, and I just didn’t remember.

I remembered I liked him and he took his time with me but I didn’t remember if he was black. She once again told me they didn’t have a man working there and asked when it was. I had just told her it was a couple months ago and I handed her my receipt. She then asked me the date.

All she had to do was look at the receipt in her hand. She gave me the receipt back and I looked at it and told her the date on the receipt. She once again said she could not believe I was so rude to come to my appointment late and hold up her lunch. I looked at her and said, “were done here, go to lunch”.

After she stormed out I sat down and talked with one of the ladies behind the counter. She told me the doctor that did my exam didn’t work there anymore but worked at a Wal-Mart not far away. She said if I wanted to wait for their doctor to get back from her lunch she could probably work me in later in the day. I told her there was no way I was going to speak with that woman again.

She then asked if I would like to go to the first doctor over at the Wal-Mart. That’s what I decided to do. I asked for the information for their corporate office and was told she really didn’t think I should complain because the doctor was under a lot of stress and she’s usually not rude. I didn’t push the point because I knew I could look it up on line.

She called the Wal-Mart to make an appointment for me but they didn’t answer their phone. Then she turned and said to me well sometimes on Thursdays they close a little early! I looked at her a bit strange and she said yes but only on Thursdays. REALLY??

At this point I have the phone number and I will call tomorrow to make another appointment. This doctor’s attitude was unbelievable.

At one point I just stood there with my mouth open because I was so appalled I didn’t even know what to say.Thanks for allowing me to rant…I’m still angry but I feel better writing this.

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