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I won a bid for 2.5 gal beverage dispenser on Sam's Club online auction for $1. One would think - great deal- however, the email confirmation stated the shipping/handling fee was $60!

Talking about price gouging and deceit!!

When I called their customer service was that $60 fees remain even if the item was returned! How did a $1 item become $61? Totally unfair and outrageous!

Be careful that it doesn't happen to you, and voice your complaint(s) when you feel you have been wronged. This was definitely wrong, and hope others learn from this situation.

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You need to pay attention to the shipping cost before you submit your bid. I have done the same thing. You recieve an email of the agreed terms you submitted to as proof.


Yes, be careful. Their shipping charges don’t make sense.


To all of you saying "check the shipping costs before bidding". I DID check the shipping and taxes before bidding, and AFTER I won the auction, shipping went from $34 to $144!!!!!!!!

That is NOWHERE close to what I agreed to prior to submitting my bid.

I have contacted Sam's, but based upon what I'm reading here, I'm skeptical on a resolution in my favor. I am FURIOUS!


why u think none else bid on the idem? because of shipping was highger u think u r the only smart one?


I don't like Sam's auction. I think it just waste my time.

I won a bid of 75 in Vizio TV on 5/18/19. They shipped me the damaged one, I called and requested them to replace another. They said they don't have replacement policy for auction orders. They will refund me when they receive merchandise back, and I can auction again when I see it comes up on auction.

On 6/18/19 I won another bid of 75 in Samsung TV, but don't hear anything from them for a week.

Today I called Sam's, they told me the item is out of inventory, so they will cancel my order and if I see it on auction again I can bid again. This is rediculous, waste my time.


I filed a complaint with the the BBB. My shipping went from $60 to $263 Plus they charge me $24 for taxes when the item purchase was for five dollars.


It most certainly is an option to check the shipping when submitting a bid. It makes you check it as a matter of fact.

When you type a bid and click bid it pops up a box with your total price if you win. Then you click bid again to finalize your bid


I wish I had know about this. I was scammed for $156.78 worth of shipping charges for a child's tent. Grrrrr.


Sams Auctions often have issues with shipping costs.


All one must do to avoid this is to start to bid and check the page that comes up on the next page. At that point, there is an option to, "cancel bid" on the upper right side. I am sorry that happened to you!


That's absolutely unethical.


too all the *** who said on here.. "you should have checked shipping BEFORE bidding" ....

that is not an option on their website... dum-dums


The option to view the total bid cost, along with shipping charges appear once a bid is placed. At that point you can select to cancel the bid submission. Consumers just need to pay attention.


that s not correct


Thank you for sharing! I was wondering what the catch was. Your post was very helpful!


They consistently miscalculate shipping, just between like items, and when you call them on it is too bad so sad, here is our policy link. I am real close to closing my plus account. Sams Customer service model is just to say no.


Yeah I also noticed some weird bidding practices. When I see a bid go from $1 to $60 then to $140.

Very strange bid behavior. who does that?


its give u as much as time u need ,,unless its a popcorn bidding,,,never let u final clikc unless lets u know what wil be final cost of the idem


I won a Bulova watch. It came today.

The tag said $121. I paid $167. How can they do that? My Thanksgiving just turned into a Nightmare.

Depressed as *** After I pay them off, I'm DONE PERIOD! F


Hence why you research the price of the item you are buying...It's not Sam's fault that people are bidding against each other and it sells higher the normal price. It's an auction people, use common sense.