I won a bid for 2.5 gal beverage dispenser on Sam's Club online auction for $1.One would think - great deal- however, the email confirmation stated the shipping/handling fee was $60!

Talking about price gouging and deceit!!

When I called their customer service was that $60 fees remain even if the item was returned! How did a $1 item become $61? Totally unfair and outrageous!

Be careful that it doesn't happen to you, and voice your complaint(s) when you feel you have been wronged.This was definitely wrong, and hope others learn from this situation.

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Wow didn't realize that Sam's auction was now having reserves on their items.They don't tell you this of course.

I bid on a item and watched it til it ended and I was the winning bid. Then a second later I receive a email saying I my 66.00 bid was out bid by 75.00. The item even said it ended at 66.00 dollars.

What a bunch of bull ***.They just lost me as a customer.


Always look at shipping charges before you commit to a purchase. If it looks too cheap it usually because of the shipping charges. That's not the case on most items but beware


algorithm has changed...all items are suddenly going for 40% higher than all previous auctions...and sometimes for way more than in the store.

also realized many of these items are returned items from previous customers... I received a soundbar yesterday ....the box had been previously torn open and was patched back together and sent to me...haven't hooked it up yet...doubt it works

I am also just realizing that Hue Lighting I received probably was returned after someone swapped generation 3 bulbs with generation two bulbs...still investigating this ..need to call Phillips


as of September 27, 2017....auction site must have changed their algorithm....suddenly ALL the auction items are selling at more than in the store and about 40% higher than all previous auctions for the same items


First of all , let's not be too critical of Sam's Club...although $60.00 does seem a little high for shipping, it is still your fault...

Before hitting the button to submit your bid there is a display that shows your bid and ANY shipping charges.You apparently hit the button without looking at the displayed shipping charges.

If those charges were unacceptable then you should have NOT hit the submit button.You did...your lack of attention was the major contributor to this shocking shipping charge problem...buyer beware...or at least be alert.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #1342484

I "won" a 21" spinner suitcase but they sent me a 29".I called and they said they wouldn't exchange the suitcase but would refund my money.

I got a good price and needed a carry on.Now I have to go elsewhere.

Noblesville, Indiana, United States #1316422

Before you finalize your bid hyena show the shipping cost and taxes.


1.Shipping and tax showing before you execute the bid...

that is obvious... HOWEVER, I have bought well over a hundred items and there are many times when the shipping estimate were under the actual shipping charged. So the out for sams club is that it is an ESTIMATE. Since I have purchased so many items I have a sense of how much the actual shipping cost will be based on the estimate.

The bigger the item the bigger the shipping variance. 2. My complaint is that about 40% of the products arrive damaged, era dirty, missing a part or misrepresented on the auction description. Many items ship in its original packaging rather than inside a shipping box.

Some items arrive looking like it was run over by a truck. Many also repackaged by fedex because the tape on the broken box couldn't hold it together. Many have to be returned which is a hassle because each one is an order and has to be processed separately. Very time consuming.

3. My biggest complaint is that I have been charged return shipping on some items WITHOUT MY PRIOR KNOWLEDGE / CONSENT on damaged items. I believe this could be an electronic funds transfer act violation. So I buy the product, pay for shipping, get a damaged product then they charge me shipping to return it.

That is not right. Also the refund email didn't include a shipping refund. Just the product. So I paid shipping twice and don't even have the product anymore.

No customer service explanation, no...

Poor business practice.Anyone else have this happen to them?

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Spring Hill, Florida, United States #1283752

Yes the shipping fees and taxes are supposed to be up there and you commit to the amount you bid with these fees.However take a screen shot of your bid and compare that to what you are charged.

It's never the stated costs.

22 auctions and not one of these was the price I committed to pay.Strange they are never off in making it s lessor amount.

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1266473

The price with shipping and handling is quoted before you bid...

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