Jackson, Mississippi

I try to order item below.

Small T-Shirt Bag - 7" x 5" x 15" - 2,000 ct. Model: TS200019WItem #: 1656281/12 barrel bags

When I talk to manager in my local club, she said she can't find that item on her system. so I will need to call samsclub.com to order it.

When I talk to super-visor at samsclub.com she said she can't find the item. saying they might discontnued that item.

I call manufacture if they still selling that item to samsclub,manufacture guy said YES they do.

So here Iam in middle of nowhere to get that items.

I went to local samsclub to order that item and they think Im some kind *** try to order something they never had -_-;

I call samsclub.com again now they said they not carry that item in my state.

What the...

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Just because it is available in one state does not mean every store carries it. We have items that our sister stores do not carry. It is a free market.


Employee cover up. Great just some more dishonest people that Sam would fire if he could