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I didn't know the membership was a yearly automatic renewal.I am 77 yrs old , don't have much left after i pay my monthly bills. The $45 you took out of my bank would have caused me to be overdrawn at he bank , they charge $36 overdraft fee.I just wanted my $45 back they said they would not not charge me if the issue was resolved.I caught this before it was taken out,it was in the pending mode.Thanks for putting my money back .before it was taken out ...Ron

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

Location: Athens, Alabama

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I have had a similar experience. I had been a Sam's member since the 1980's.

Every year I renewed my membership in the Club. In 2018, I decided not to renew my membership, but then I received a postcard that Sam's was automatically renewing my membership. WHAT??? I sent a letter to Bentonville, Arkansas, saying I didn't want to renew my membership.

They still put a $45 charge on my credit card. I filed a complaint with Discover Card and they removed it from my account. Sam's did it again this year! We are going round and round via BBB.

Probably the next step is a consumer fraud complaint with the Arkansas Attorney General's Office. Good luck, if you are trying to get away from Sam's Club.

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