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Give me a break! If you do not have a Advantage card you can not enter SAMS untill after 1000 am.

This is just greed; an attempt to get poor people to spend a extra 60.00 to shop at thier Store. My husband and I both are furriuos. WE Will no longer will shop at SAMS or even buy another 40.00 membership. And the advantage membership is only a advantage to SAMS.

I dont need 50 cents off of 200 diappers. SO dont be bullied into buying a advantage membership; take your money to the dollar store and just buy 20 of everthing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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It is called getting a job so you can afford to pay the extra $60. If you spent the extra money on advantage, and they allowed someone who did not spend that much to come in before ten you would be throwing a temper tantrum about that.

Grow up, you did not pay the extra money you do not deserve the benefits. Stop being a cheap whining ***.


It is ***!!!


some people are just plain trailer trash, smh


This is ridiculous!!


I've had a Sam's Club Business Membership for 20 years. At least.

I pay $35 and get one additional card member for free. I have not one complaint. I love the fact that I pay a bit more and shop before the masses come in. Ahhhh.

It's awesome. That, to me, is worth it. Here in New Mexico I don't think they even enforce the business member hours. People just come in.

But not many do. I'm not sure what happened to this particular consumer that ticked them off so badly but it was more than them trying to get in before 10 a.m. Sometimes problem customers cause businesses like Sam's Club to lose money yet they complain about how much they've lost. Join Costco.

There are no business member hours there. You will be treated fairly if that is what you think did not happen to you at Sam's Club. Everybody knows about their business hours from 7 to 10 a.m.

It's posted on their glass doors on all entrances. Dah.


an advantage membership is the regular $40.00 membership,the one that you are referring to is the $100.00 plus membership.


diappers? furriuos? ***. Be glad you found a husband.

I've been a Business Plus Member for 9 years. Some Sam's Clubs aren't so good at enforcing that rule about Business and Plus members only before 10:00 a.m., which means that I have to wait while Mrs. Wright over here is doing her grocery shopping and checking out before me asking a gazillion questions when all I want to do is get my stuff and get to work.

As a happy Plus member, I have discounts on groceries, meds and my glasses. I also get an extra year of warranty on my things that you couldn't even buy. If Mrs. Wright doesn't want to be bullied(?) into the low membership, good. I pay a premium to get in and don't want to wait behind her cheap ***


Do you not realize that we have always only been open at 10 am for the general public?? The plus membership is only a few years old, so the store has only been open at 7 am for the business members.

This is old news, it's not like they used to let everyone in at 7, and I'm sure you were informed when you joined that we were open at 10 am for regular members.

If you don't like it don't shop their, I don't think the store gives a *** about your feelings *** ALSO there is no Evalue that is less than $1.00 off they are all atleast a dollar off or more. ***.


Get over it i sell those memberships and i bet i can sucker you into buying it too


No this is not greed, in every place if you pay more you get more. You are the cheap one who does not want to pay more for better serivce.

Nikalseyn, do you still have that pen you "borrowed" which caused you to get fired from Walmart.

Your husband and you have mental issues if you are furious over this. GROW UP.

@Jedi Knight Ethan

I read that review as well, it is kind of funny how he thinks taking a pen out of the package to use it for work and keeping it in his work uniform(not taking it out of the store) is the same as borrowing. It is plain and simple theft.


FYI: Sam's Club is a warehouse, They are there for business people. A Business membership is only $35/year and the doors open at 7:00am so people that own and run businesses can come in and get what they need before the general public can get in.

I can't thank them enough for the few extra hours I can get in and out of the club without having to deal with people like you whining and complaining about everything. The Advantage membership is the regular membership and it is $40/year the Plus Membership is $100 and it will let the general public in at 7:00am also.

I have been a business member since they opened their doors and of all the companies I have had to deal with they are one of the best, there is no one anywhere that will accept almost anything you buy from them back without a lot of questions. I guess they must be a bad company to do business with so I have no answer why they are so successful and occupy the number one position in all aspects of the retail business model they have created considering that they are such a bad business.


You must remember that Sam's Club is a part of WalMart---not a company known for giving a hoot about customer service in the first place. I have never understood why anyone would actually PAY to shop at a store. Strange, indeed.


Perhaps before you were fired for "borrowing" the pen from the stationary department you should have asked yourself why you gave poor customer service yourself.