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I have been a Sams Club member since 1966. My membership will expire next week. I am not going to renew it, because I don't want to pay the member fee just to be treated like dirty in return. As a "member". I get nothing from those Sams Club people but lies, disrespect, injustice and humiliation.

On Oct. 25, 2013, I went to Sams Club in Novi, MI. I parked my car in their parking lot and went inside shopping. Half an hour later, after shopping, when I came out, I found my car damaged. The parking space behind my car was filled up and overflowed with shopping carts. A witness told me that the big truck parked next to my space tried to get into the space and hit the carts, which then hit my. The impact was very strong and my car had very deep scratches. I called the attention to a Sams Club manager. He took pictures, got the witness's information and later the information about the truck driver who hit my car. The manager assured me that Sams Cub would take care of the incident and see to it that I get compensated. He also said Sams Club's insurance company CMI would call me within one or two days. I waited 10 days, but nobody called me. I called Sams Club to inquire the matter. Samb Club told me that once the incident was submitted to CMI, Sams Club had nothing to do with me and asked me to call CMI myself. I called CMI. Its representative admitted that they had all the information about the incident, including the witness, the truck driver, and even the video from Sams Club surveillance camera showing the truck hitting my car. She said CMI would make a decision on that and asked me to wait. I waited and waited. Eventually CMI's decision came -- they were not responsible for the incident, therefore, no compensation for me! I wrote and called to dispute their decision. Now, it's 2014, I still haven't heard from them. They just shamelessly ignored me!


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I cant get a return call either from Sams. Damage from shopping cart to car.


I work for advantage solutions at a sam's club and an associate who works in the parking lot hit my car with a bunch of carts and knocked off a mirror and scratched the side. I came forward the day it happened and asked to see some video.

They said the associate came forward and they took his statement so all they needed was my statement and they would contact me promptly via phone. So i wanted two weeks and still no call. I asked a manager about it at the two week mark and they said they would have to ask who ever filed my claim so they would talk to me next time i worked. I wait another two weeks and finally approach the same manager to see what's going on with the claim and he send me to the woman who supposedly filed it for me.

I ask her about it but she says I never came forward and proceeds to act like I'm out of luck. When I let her know I had come forward the day it happened she asks who i spoke to and I tell her a description of the person and she acts like she has no clue who I'm talking about when theres only two people in the whole place that fit the description and only one who would be able to take my statement via the store managers request. Then I insist on having her look into and someone else comes in to get her help and she says that she'll talk with me the next day. The next day after work I walk into her office and I ask the person their if they can help and he says he can't and to come in tomorrow.

I am like no I was told yesterday to come in tomorrow and I am not coming in on my day off. She finally shows up when I insist he call her and she says she has to take my statement and then we'll see if the Sam's club can help you.

No one will try to help you unless you press the issue. If they try to put you off let them know that you are standing your ground and that they should at least file a claim when they say they're going to.


I live in San Antonio Texas. I was shopping on 1-16-16 at the Sam's at 281 and bitters store #6416.

Three carts crashed into the passenger side back fender of my truck. We filed a claim.

SAMs DENIED the claim saying they weren't at fault. I know its no big threat to them but I won't be renewing my membership.


a similar incident just happened to me at the Sam's Club in Williamstown New Jersey 15 shopping carts dislodge from the cart corral rolling back towards me I tried to stop them wrenched my back and then they rolled down and hit my vehicle in the parking lot. Now Sam's Club insurance company is trying to deny it the claim


IT'S NOT UNUSUAL that Sams Club lets shopping carts lying about in the parking lot uncollected. Of course, when they hit a parking car it IS Sams Club's responsibility. Their employees and managers are very unfriendly.


File a claim with your own insurance company. You could sue the truck owner yourself, depending on the extent of the damages.

However, since Michigan is a no fault state, your insurance company will pick up all but your deductible. For that, you sue the truck owner.

And, I agree it is really not Sam's Club's fault some fool decides to park the way he did. That's why we have auto insurance.


Thank you for your explanation and advice.


I am very surprised by what you heard from the manager. These places always have signs saying that they are not responsible.

You are complaining about the wrong people. Go after the truck driver.


thank you, but the manager told me Sams Club would take care of everything and that I shouldn't have to do anything.


Correction: I have been a member since 1996.


Um, hm, since there is info of the truck, why not go after the truck insurance, duh.


They won't provide that to him I'm sure. Anyway, a non-complaint - cars are scratched all of the time in parking lots. It is just the risk of going out into the world.