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I currently work for Sam's Club & I'm also in the process of looking for another job. I too agree with many of you on the upgrades, credits, & renewals. Its simply dumb. If the members don't want a credit card, stop pushing it. If the member don't want to renew, why does that count against me? No one can force another to pay for their renewal unless I have a gun to their heads. And plus memberships? Its not worth a *** thing. To pay an extra fee for discounts off of certain items with limits to them? Toilet paper, paper towels, I understand the limit to some extent. If it was 4 per membership or 2 per card, understandable. But when it comes to food? Come on!! Example, the newly revamped plus membership adds $3 off certain meats but is limit 1 per membership. That's ***. When I shop for food, I buy more than 1 package. I truly do understand plus member's frustrations. And now they're giving out FREE discounts to EVERYONE? Its not worth to upgrade.

And then on top of all this stress about numbers? They NEVER gives us our breaks on time. Most of the time, when we work full shifts, we don't even get our last break. Surely that's unprofessional. But who can I complain to without being coached?

Its always a numbers game & they talk about some bonus. But why is it that the one (cashier) who is working to get these upgrades and credits has the smallest bonus (we're basically the bottom of the food chain) while the guys above us (COS, managers, etc.) gets twice the amount if not more? All they do is tell us cashiers what to do, how to do it, but when it comes down to them? They don't practice what they preach. They tell us that we need to transfer EVERYTHING and they want us to do this throughout our shift and expect us to be happy? These people above us can't handle half the *** they put on us, its sickening. They have to realize that it is tiring transferring 30+ cases of water from one flatbed to another in a single transaction. That's not even counting everything else that has to be lifted and transferred. And all done in a 4 - 8 hour shift. When we need bathroom breaks, its always on their time. I've been forced to hold it for almost 2 hours because they wouldn't give me my break and wouldn't give me a bathroom break. But the COS make sure that they get their breaks. They make sure they get their lunches.

I was told today by one of the managers that I shouldn't clock in five minutes early if that's not my scheduled shift. But the COS won't let me leave on time? Explain that concept to me? If I'm scheduled from 9 am to 5 pm and I'm told I can't clock in at 8:55 am because my shift starts at 9 am, but the COS won't let me close my sign 10 minutes before my shift ends so that I have enough time to take care of the remaining members and count my drawer down. How is it okay for me to stay over my shift but not okay to clock in a few minutes early? I'm not understanding this concept.

But what really gets me is this, when I first started, I was bringing in upgrades and credits like crazy. 4 - 5 a day. Then after my 90 day evaluation came up, I was told that I couldn't get a raise because I got a 95% out of a 100%. Fine. Whatever. After a few months, I wanted to transfer within the club but was told that I have to get ALL my numbers up. (Renewals has always been my weakness because I can't force someone to renew, its just impossible.) So how is it that these new guys come in, after several months of poor numbers, get to transfer departments? This isn't fair.

I've been yelled at, insulted many times, and had money and membership cards thrown at me because of the managers & their RULES. I actually HATE my job, so much so, I want to cry. I dread going to work, being there, surrounded by people actually turned me into a loner. When I go home, I don't want to be around anyone. I can't stand people, in general. But I can't just quit because unlike many of my other coworkers, I have a family to take care of & grown up bills.

So if you're thinking about applying at any Sam's Club, be aware. Its stressful. Its exhausting. Its not worth the measly $9/hour+ (depending on experience). & if you're pregnant, caution. My coworker who was in her first trimester had miscarried because of transferring and heavy lifting. She told not only our COS but also personnel and who knows who else about her pregnancy. Our COS told her that, although she's pregnant, its apart of her duties. Even with a doctors note, if she refuses to transfer or do any heavy lifting, they could fire her for that. So as the story goes, she lost the baby. So, no. I don't recommend ANYONE applying here unless you are ridiculously desperate like I was. Its not worth being stressed out, taken for granted, stepped on, lashed out at, or losing an innocent life over. No job is.

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They abuse there employees im pregnant and they want me to lift I already had 2 miscarriages working at that *** hole *** sams club I ain't lifting *** anymore and if I get fired I will sue they are the worst company to work for they told me to lie to my members so I could get numbers and sell I hate this place I know sam Walton would turn in his grave if he knew what was going on also a manger sign there numbers in cuz I locked out for lunch told me to keep going and finally sent me inn lunch when the store was closed do not work here they are evil they steal money from members and lie to members about *** to get more money again *** sams club


I feel your pain.


Stop ***! I also work for Sam's and I was a cashier.

I am now working the front desk. It is your job to sell and let people know about the products. If you don't like it, switch departments! You can if you wanted too.

However, you seem like you have a poor attitude so I can understand why they wouldn't want to let you move up. I also don't understand why you aren't gone.