Fort Myers, Florida

I purchased four Michilin tires today at the Sam's Club in Port Charlotte,FL. When I arrived home I noticed that I was charged an installation fee for the tires. I have never heard of anything so ridiculous in my life. If one purchases tires the installation should be included in the price. Does Sam's Club actually believe that anyone is going to opt to take the tires home and do the installation themselves? I have been buying tires for the past forty years, and this is the first time that I have ever had to pay for the installation. I would appreciate being reimbursed for this charge. I paid $60.00 for four tires to be installed.


Joseph Martin

P.S.-- Here are the numbers for the SKU located on my receipt.

TC# 5852 2214 1093 5053 4095 3

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Installation.

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Installation is never included. Yes, some people do install their own tires.




I do not know of anyone that installs tires for free, let alone balances them for free. Have you been living under a rock?


Free installation is not a thing anywhere.


Where have you been buying your tires? This is normal.


So, this whole something for nothing is great … wholesale places like SAMs Club - Costco sell their tires just barely above the cost, when they do run a promotion, it’s because the manufacturer is running it! These stores are not really making money on the install - the machines and parts do cost them money, not to mention the techs that are installing the tires.

So, $15 a tire, includes free rotation, balance, flat repair, and even sometimes road hazard protection - that’s a great deal! Joseph, seeing how you started this thread 7 years ago, were you satisfied with your purchase (I didn’t see a resolution) and you are probably ready for a new set! There will be promotions coming where you can get a great deal ($80 off) and you might wanna keep your eye out for the really great deal when the install is free ($60), the promotion will show as “Save $140 on a set of 4”!

I have purchased tires for all 4 of my vehicles from SAMs and never had any issues or complaints. If you have concerns, you should talk with the store manager before posting your complaint online, they, more than likely, would have worked something out with you to make you happy.


I have purchased many tires from Sam’s Club in Hagerstown, MD over the years & I was always quoted installation charges, etc. in addition to the tire prices. I think you should have been quoted the price for installation when you bought the tires when you agreed to the total price.


Sams charges $15/tire for premium Tire installation. Here’s the info:


Not sure where you have been these last 40 years, but on any tires you buy now and back then, there was an installation charge, one way or another. You probably never noticed this in your point of sale.


So, tell me where I can get tires installed for free? When I find tires with free installation the price is built into the price of the tires. Free installation, not gonna happen, unless it's a special.


I think this is the first time you have ever looked at an invoice in detail. Giving a bad review because you are a retard. Anytime work is done there is a labor fee you moron


Jump off a bridge.


Nothing is free. Move on.


As if you didn't get a total install price before they started the work. I find this hard to believe.

Did you call around a few shops first?

They all tell you the total cost, install, etc. To say you were blindsided by this cost sounds pretty stupid on your part as a consumer.


nobody installs for free...I hate to break it to you know it alls. I have been getting tires installed for 90 years and always check every single tire installation place in the US prior to my purchase.


The $15/tire charge is for mounting & balancing and includes free tire rotation and balancing and free flat repair for the life of the tire. That is the best deal of anyone that sells tires!

How much have you paid to get your tires rotated and balanced?

This is not ridiculous, it is an incredible deal. Nobody installs tires for free.


$120/tire with FREE INSTALLATION or $80/tire with $15/tire installation. Hmmmmm mm do the math people.

Just because it's included doesn't mean it was free. You never get something for nothing, sales 101. Look at our ad total cost of ownership and you'll see the difference.

I just bought some low profile tired from Walmart $330+$60 installation and got nitrogen had upgrade which is usually $30. I went to another tie company and local mom and pop company and they had inclusive INSTALLATION but the cost was way more expensive, almost double for my tires.


I hate to tell all you know it alls this, but I just hd two tires put on at the local shop - same price as Sam's wanted - but they mounted them and gave me road hazard - no additional charge. So, yes, there are still shops that do not charge for mounting.

After checking around on tires, I am starting to wonder why I am paying $50 for a membership?


You have a serious disconnect with reality. All shops charge for it.

If you have never been charged, then you must have been buying from a small shop that adds the install price to the price of the tire, because it's not free.

They have to pay employees, run a shop, maintain equipment, etc.

Seriously, call around. PLEASE. Just call EVERY shop within a 50 mile radius of your house and ask them.

Then please report back.

Spewing garbage on the internet because you don't understand how the world works... please!


Sir first of all have you checked your receipt for the past 40 years that you say you been buying tires? You are ALWAYS charged for installation at any tire store if you have them put on!

The reason why it's optional is because yes some people (dealers, service shops, etc.) do buy the tires without installation to resell or install them at their place to non members. Its $15 flat per tire, total $60 that you pay for labor, balancing, and a warranty. Other places charge much more! I don't think you go to a mechanic and say "well I paid $100 for the part why should I pay more to install or fix it?!" unless like you say your gonna go home and do it yourself.

Doesn't sound so ridiculous now huh? And no sir you won't have your $60 reimbursed unless you want to return your tires within the 30 day Michelin warranty in which it means you will have to find some replacement tires elsewhere and still be charged for install since you don't like our $60 deal.