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I was in the Sams store on Covington Pike in Memphis at about noon today. After i finished shopping and started to the check out line, i couldn't believe the number of people in line - at least 20 or more.

There were only two working cashiers manned. When employees were contacted they said that their hours had been so reduced that there was no one available to man the empty registers. While there were several employees in and around the area, none seemed to be concerned about the long lines waiting to check out.

I find this hard to believe. The best way to lose a customer, is not give them adequate service with unexplained delays. If Mr. Walton was still alive and found this kind of situation he would have probably fired anyone that was responsible for t he decision to allow such poor service. I do know that he was very tough on his employees if there was over 3 people in line and there were vacant registers.

I've been a customer for many years and usually spend between $500 - $1,000 per month. If I contiinue to experience such events as this, I have the alternative to use COSTO'S which is very near Sams in the Wolfchase area of Memphis. In the past I've had membership in both Sams and COSTO"S and found very little difference in prices.

Being raised in Arkansas and graduating from the University in Fayetteville, I try my best to support any business or corporation that has its roots in the state - but there are limits.

Sorry I went way over the 100 word minimum recommendation, but this was a very frustrating situation.

Winston Guthrie


Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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Please dont be so quick to judge "So Sad". My 1st job at a grocery store was main cashier, bagging groceries, stocking shelves, scrub & dust them, restack them, scrub the doors, check in & check out vendors, take phone orders by hand & then fill those orders, sweep, help wrap meat, count and check out my register dailly, and do inventory.

Worked from 8:30 am until 6:00 pm, Monday through Saturday and got paid 50 cents an hour. That was in the 60's and times have changed a lot. Your probably too young to be aware how things were done in those days & what great salaries we were paid.

Just thought I'd let you know it has been done before though. No harm intended.


This may be hard to accept but Sam's Club departmentalizes employees. Only cashiers are given cash register training. If only two register trained employees are working then only two registers can be open, regardless of how many other employees are around.


Every employee at a store has a different role. Not every employee is hired or trained to be a cashier.

Just like not every employee is hired or trained to stock shelves or do inventory.

I know that may be hard logic for simpletons such as yourself to understand. But at least give it a try.


Don't blame the cashiers for it. We deal with this too. This is all management's problem.