Odessa, Texas

happened to me when I sent my wife in to buy some beer and they carded her. she had forgotten I.D.

though she was 29, so I say okay get in the truck I will go buy it. They actually refused to sell it to me I'm 34, and told me it was because I would give her some of it !!! Idiots. So I tell her to hurry home for I.D.

and call a patrol car.

Long story short cops made girl sell it to me and told her it was none of her business what I did with alcohol after it left her store. Again...IDIOTS are everywhere.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. There is NO WAY a cop came to the store and told the cashier they HAD to sell you alcohol.

I can't believe your would even try to pass this off as legitimate. You should be ashamed of yourself. By the way, it is common knowledge that most stores card anyone appearing to be under the age of 40, and this is posted very clearly at every register at every sams club I've ever been to, so why would your wife even try? Third party sales are a very real and serious issue, and it is the cashiers responsibility to make sure they do not happen.

Since your wife wad not responsible enough to bring her id into the store with her, then the cashier had to assume she is a minor, and thus cannot sell to her, or anyone appearing to be buying for her. Please stop lying about the police making the store sell you alcohol.

You know as well as I do that this is a falsehood, and a ridiculous claim to boot. By the way, no I am not a cop, but my husband is.


The police did not come and make the store sell you alcohol. They won't do that because it is up to the stores who they sell to, and they can refuse service to anyone.


You called the cops to help you buy alcohol. What kind of white trash ate you?


BUUUUUUULLSHIT! The cops will not make anyone do anything in the store.

The worst case scenario is that they will tell you to file a civil lawsuit. You don't know how cops work. You also don't seem to know what a third party transaction is. That cashier can get busted or Walmart sued if the the cashier has reason to think that the alcohol will be given to a minor and she ignores it.

You don't know the law. Maybe she was 29 but unless she can prove it sucks to be you.

And yes it is your responsibility to prove age not there responsibility to sell. In fact it is there responsibility not to sell if they have doubts.


Are you a cop? How the F do you know what a cop would do.

Read it on the interwebs?

Or see it on the television? You dont know how police work


I read a lot. It is a great way to find out how things work.

I have had conversations with police and lawyers about police procedures. Crime and courtroom dramas are pretty good about portraying what the police can and cannot do. Still you should not get all your information from one source. If enough sources tell you that the police cannot force a third party to do something you want them to do and your only recourse is legal action then you should consider that information to be correct.

On a side note, are you a cop? What makes you think that this is incorrect?


I doubt a good portion of your story. For one thing any store can decide who they sell alcohol to without an ID.

There are some places that do alcohol stings on businesses that sell booze and if the customers aren't ID'd the manager and/or the cashier can be arrested/fined. It might not have been any of the cashiers business what you do with the beer after you leave the store, but IF your wife had been a minor that could be considered contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Why didn't your wife have her ID with her? Nobody should leave home with it.

What if you had a horrific accident and both were so severely injured that you couldn't speak, how would your next of kin be notified? Just because you had your ID with you that wouldn't mean that the woman with you was your wife. Having your ID with you at all times is just plain using common sense. WHY would you need a cop there after your wife went home to get her ID?

That is just plain wasting the time of law enforcement people that have much more important things to do than make sure you get to buy beer.

It is also wasting tax payer money. You are right there are IDIOTS everywhere and especially standing in your shoes.


Quit overreacting. ***