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I wonder if this is just me or someone there also experienced this,

The first time they offered a 40 dollar off straight from purchase, I took the bait and applied a card. Several months later, I received a collect call telling me that I need to pay the sam credit card bill. I never received a bill! It turned out that the bill was sent to our old address. I had to pay some fee for the late payment. I ended up closing the card and paid some extra money.

Later, my husband got a card too. I am very on top of the bill. But this time, again, I received a bill asking for late fee and interest charge. I never received the previous bill. After call the customer service, they only agreed to take the late charge, but not the interest. Even though we were always on top of the payments for the past several months.

I think they did not send the bill or intentionally sent it to the wrong address just to collect the interest.

I had to cancel the card again.

I asked to pay right away using our routing # and Acc to avoid future interest charge. They then charged me 10 dollars for this.

Gosh, what kind of *** is that. Most credit card bank will take all charges off for 1st time "offender".


Product or Service Mentioned: Synchrony Bank Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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They are horrible at customer service and they do not care what happens to you.

I placed my well running, well maintained Infinity SUV, in care the Sam’s Club #6336 in Temple Texas to change 4 tires on April 17th.

I do not live or drive on any road or hazards to or from work. I drive on public roads 3.1 miles to a university where I work. I have not been involved in any accidents, had work done on “lifts”, wrecks, or anything that would cause damage to a brake line behind a brand new tire prior to or after the installation at Sam’s Club on April 17th. Sam’s Club is the only place my car has been.

It is the only place equipment was used.

I then lost my brakes on the highway!


It's not the cashier's or anyone that works at Sam's Club's fault. The credit card company Synchrony Bank are the ones to blame....Can't put blame where there is none to place it on!

I myself have a Sam's Credit card, and I don't like dealing with anyone at Synchrony Bank.

So stop making the Sam's Club employees look like they are the bad guys! :/