Summerville, South Carolina
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I went to sams kirkwood store at 1pm this afternoon 10248 Big Bend rd.

Kirkwood MO. phone 314.965.7076. I shopped to get what I needed, it took me 10 minutes. However it took 33 minutes to check out! Only 3 cashiers in this big store with customers at least 8 deep waiting to check out. What is wrong with this picture? I asked the manager why this is. He said, " the other 3 cashiers went to lunch". Very unprofessionally managed facility! Not the first time this has happened in this store. Also only one person checking the purchase you made as you leave the store. This line was 7 people deep!Don't expect to keep me as you put it "a valued customer!"


James J Rimkus

cell # 314.780.2878

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Manager.

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Most likely the employees had to go to lunch. After five hours and forty five minutes on the clock, the registers force you to log off and take a lunch. Otherwise they'd probably be sent one or two at a time for lunch, instead of three.


Lines and waiting....there a part of life..... GET OVER IT! The whole world doesn't stop and cater you pal.


This is why I pay for my items in cash. When I encounter a long line in a super market I know how much my item costs.

Once I encounter a line, I pull the manager over to the side and say: "sup, This costs $1.59.

I'll give you $2.00 if you let me take this and not go through the line." He shrugs,"Ok" takes the money, and lets me leave the store with the product. Simple and easy.