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I was given a coupon for a "complimentary" visit to Sam's Club (i.e. I could walk around and shop without an actual Sam's Club ID, or so I thought). It's literally across the street from the Costco where I usually shop so I thought I woudl try it out. Of course, the membership desk where I redeemed the coupon tried to get me to buy a membership (I was only six months into my Costco membership), but I said no thank you and went on my way.

When I was checking out after having picked up $150 worth of merchandise, I was once again asked if I would buy a membership and I again said "no thank you". Then, and ONLY then, was I told that if I didn't buy a membership right there, I would be charged 10% EXTRA on everything I had grabbed. So, it was either pay $40 for a membership when I already had one at Costco, or pay the extra 10% of the $150 of merchandise.

Basically, the only thing that *** pass allows you to do as a "complimentary" service is to walk around and, apparently, ONLY look. Memo to Sam's Club - it is not a "complimentary" visit if I have to PAY extra fees, be it a 10% surcharge or buying the actual membership, if G*d forbid I actually wanted to BUY merchandise as part of my "complimentary" visit.

After this incident, *** will be a skating rink before I buy a Sam's Club membership, OR recommend it to a friend.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Costco does NOT do the surcharge game. If you're not a Costco member, you cannot purchase anything at the warehouse (excluding prescriptions, and in some states, liquor and gasoline). Period.

If you want to purchase from without a membership, you can, but your purchase has a 5% surcharge.


Wow, this is the most ridiculous gripe yet. I'm a member of both Costco and Sams, Costco has the same thing but its 5% more.

The Costco membership is 10.00 more per year. It clearly states its a "pass" not complimentary. I hate when people make things up.

If you like Costco and want to gripe about Sams, atleast be truthfull about it. Don't make sh*t up please.


Costco does the same thing with their Complimentary memberships except I believe they charge like 15%


your ***


It does indicate on the face of the coupon that you have to pay 10% extra if you don't become a member.

They have been using those coupons for years- and every last one of them has the 10% disclaimer on it.

Read the coupon before shopping.


ok so let's just say i know that no where on this "complimentary visit" u are raving about does it say complimentary.. it's called a guest pass.. the business an invitation to join and it clearly says u will be charged a 10% non member fee... and just so u know.. costco does the same thing..

and ur paying more for a costco membership... u seem real smart..


It says right on the face of the coupon that 10% will be added.

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Don't buy the items if you cannot afford the extra 10 percent.

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