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I recently purchased (2 days ago, Feb.6) an HP computer for our church library at Sams Club. It was advertised as having a "free windows7 upgrade".

Got it out of the box and started to put it together. While I was doing this, my wife went to the website that the information sheet in the box said would direct me to the upgrade. The website clearly states that this upgrade was only for computers purchased prior to Jan. 31 2010.

This computer was advertised as having the upgrade when I purchased it Feb. 6. I called the Sams Tech support number on the box, and was told that there was nothing that Sam's Club would do about it. They suggested I call HP.

My feeling is that it was a mistake by Sam's Club not HP for advertising the computer this way after Jan. 31. I asked to speak to a consumer complait rep. and was giving another number to call.

I think Sam's club should provided the windows 7 upgrade to customers who bought the computers after Jan.

31 since Sams Club was still advertising them as having the free windows7 upgrade.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Website.

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why would you buy a computer at sams club anyway its much over priced