Tucson, Arizona
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I was purchasing Styrofoam cups and picked up a box that was opened already. I noticed that one sleeve of cups was shorter than the others and realized that it was missing one cup.

I open another box to see it that one was also missing a cup. It was not and I was in the process of switching out the box. I then hear a voice, "Are you going to buy that or just open them all up?. I looked up to see Mike, he had been watching me the entire time.

Instead of coming over to help a customer, like a sports heckler, he shouts out his statement in a condescending manner. I explain the problem and he just walks away, no apology, nothing, with customers laughing along with him.

Younger employees, I would be more understanding but, this guy thinks he owns the store!?! I think he realized I was not some 'Asian' who would normally back-down to his bullying.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Nerdlinger, your a loser. Shut up


I'm sorry you were treated rudely at Sam's. I had a very similar incident today and that's how I ended up at this site.

However, I am white and the manager who was rude to me was white. Incidentally, the lady who works there who tried to help me was NOT white.

I really am sorry you had a bad experience and I know there are still racists in this world, but rude treatment happens to all of us. The sooner we stop chalking it up to racism, the sooner we can deal with the real problem--bad customer service!


Yeah, it's because you're Asian. Sure.

It couldn't have anything to do with your being a cheapskate who needs to count his styrofoam cups in the store, in order to be sure he got every one of them.

Sheesh. Get a life.