Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Why is it that everytime I log in Sams Club to pay my bill it does not recognize my ID???? I will have just paid several other companies of this nature and everytime it comes to Sams Club, again, it does not recognize.

It's every month!! Her's how it happens. Log in ID, does not recognize, then, I have to type my card #, then I have to answer the security questions!!!

I'm fully aware of my ID's and what's their problem????

I'll tell you this; When this card is paid off, cut it and it's adios!! Ridiculous!!!

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same issue here. Only card I have this problem with consistently every month. Extremely frustrating.


Maybe you are not fully aware of your ID's and passwords as you think. Ever thought about that?

That is is YOU who is doing something wrong.

Huh does not seem to have a problem. Neither do the others, so the problem is you and your dumb friend Same.

@Jedi Knight Ethan

Nope I have the same flipping problem and I know my info!! No doubts!!


It does the same thing to me EVERY month. Only it does this with my password - says it doesn't match so then i have to do the card # and security questions and EVERY month I have to change the password.

I am paying this card off this month and cancelling it! What a Pain in the ***


You do know that your login is your email address not an ID right?