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My previous comments have fallen on death ears, but this is very annoying. Sam's Club has the craziest, silliest, and zaniest password requirements that I have ever seen online. No one else requires such an exhaustive mixture of length, letters in specific places, minimum amount of numbers, as well as upper/lower cases all in ONE single password. (see below)

Please remember the following when creating your new password:

- Password must be 8-15 characters long

- The first and last character must be a letter

- Password must contain a minimum of 2 numbers

- Password should contain a combination of lower and upper case characters

- Password cannot be the same as your Username

- Password cannot be same as your prior 3 passwords

How can one be expected to remember such a password? This is absolutely ludicrous and I can never remember my password when I try to make a payment at samsclubcredit.com. Why can't paying my bill online be simple with Sam's Club?

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE make it simpler!

Thanks in advance

Cheryl Thompson

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I totally agree! I have to keep calling customer service for help. This is ridiculous.


tbtbtbt :)


I could not agree more! This drives me crazy every time.

I'm always forgetting my password. I guess I could write it down but that would defeat the whole purpose of having it be a Password!

I was late last month paying my bill because I couldn't log in!