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We recently "transferred" from an individual account to a business account. When I went in they transferred OUR credit line to the new account.

My spouse was not with me at the time. They told me to have him come in with the temporary card they gave me,have his picture taken and he would be all set. I DID NOT HAVE TO COME IN WITH HIM. Today he went and spent well over an hour picking up items, and when he got to the checkout they told him he was not on the "credit" account.

When he went to the customer service desk, they told him I had to be there with him to "add" him to the account. This is the same account he has used for years.....They would not budge.

He did not have another form of payment with him, so needless to say the items are still sitting there. That's ok, we will CANCEL this membership and NEVER return.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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When you had transferred the credit account to another account you should have specified that your husband is an authorized user for your credit account. The associate behind member service should have also asked you if you would have liked your husband on the credit line.

Without you present with physical id: they are not able to add him to your credit line.

This is to protect you! Just in case if you and your husband are not together he cant charge up your credit line.