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About ten days ago, I bought a Pergola from a local SAM'S. I don't have a truck so I arranged to have it delivered...$89.xx charge. Fortunatly, I would pay for that delivery when it arrived. The estimated delivery was to be a week later. I personally set that up with the delivery contractor. Like many companies, SAM'S also uses outside contractors for that work. Of course, I was to wait at home for that delivery from 9-12 AM. At 11 AM, I called the number on the receipt and delivery contract...they would "look into it". I did not hear back and called again around 4 PM. They would "look into it". Nobody really cares!! Finally, that same day, I called back and learned that the delivery "technician", contractor, was in the hospital...and they would "look into" finding another delivery source.

You know?, the customer is the only reason any business is in business. I point that out to them whenever I can!!

I never heard back that day. That delivery agent, go-betweeen, was associated with SAM'S.

The next morning I called them again. They "would 'try' to find someone to deliver it that day". I cancelled the delivery, found out from the SAM'S warehouse that they had five Pergola sets in stock, rented a U-Haul for $29.99 plus mileage, gas, and tax, and picked up the merchandise myself...which is what I will always do in the future!!

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I hope you know that in the fine print Sam's Club does not take responsibility for the contractors reputation.


a whole days pay gone,for Sams