Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I have called your Fort Collins Sam's Club regarding a make and price on a paper shredder. First call I was on hold for 15 minutes and then I called back to wait another 15 minutes for the meat department to answer.

Meat/office products, hmmmm!!! At least the meat department answered and told me that the only person in office products was on break and that was the reason I was on hold.

Why have customer service if they can't answer a simple product question? Thanks for letting me steam.

Never did get an answer on the product.

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First off why do you need to know the make a price of a paper shredder? BRING YOUR *** TO THE STORE AND LOOK AT THE *** THING!

That friggin phone rings every 2 minutes all day long with idiots asking retarted questions and we get TIRED of answering it! God imagine that!

I've only answered around a hundred calls today and finally get a break of a measley 15 minutes only to hear the whole time im trying to enjoy my little bit of a drink or snack "electronics line 1, electronics line 1 please" Oh im nice and call over the radio "Electronics is on break will be back in fifteen minutes" yet the *** who answered the *** phone to begin with is too *** to tell your *** to come to the store and look at it, look it up online, or tell you that there is no one in that area right now. Hmm wonder if i am actually helping a customer IN THE STORE when your lazy *** decides to call with your *** questions about a tv thats only listed as an online item and your *** *** forgot to change your shopping preferrences from instore/online to just in store and I get to be the wonderful employee who bites my tongue and sez im sorry but we dont have that item in the store...when i really want to say YOU *** ***, IF YOU CANT USE YOUR COMPUTER GIVE IT TO SOMEONE ELSE......Smoke on that a while you silly *** and get off your *** and actually come and LOOK at the merchandise instead of bothering the *** out of me on the phone, maybe then i can load another huge piece of *** furniture for a 4ft 7 inch woman who actually has to gorillas filling their guts with the free demos instead of loading the *** themselves!!!


customer - No Service. On 12-30-09 put on hold at the Snellville, GA store - three times, totaling 12 minutes, no answers.

We had a simple complaint regarding a ready to bake pizza we purchased that had a large portion of the crust containing nothing - sauce or toppings. Disappointing.


... Sorry I meant prices..!



You want cheap prides..?

Lets save on payroll!!!


People with warehouse memberships are brats. You demand the stupidest things and then when you're told you're acting like a child, you..act like a child.