Dallas, Texas

I spent an hour attempting to pay my bill online, once I received my notice via email. The site continually refused to accept my membership #, etc, and would not allow me to pay...very annoying!

I called 800# and they sent me to credit card division and rep Anthony assisted me. He was not helpful in explaining why this happened and was rude in his tone and advised if I did not want to do what the wanted me to do that he could not help me. I am the Director of Customer Service for an International Marketing firm and realize how customers are to be spoken to.

I was sent to a new site and did pay my bill but am not pleased with not being given the answer to why the original site did not accept my information...I am concerned with the safety of the site? No assistance form this CS Rep in explaining that and with the reps RUDE behavior, makes me re-think my membership with Sam`s.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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