I went to Sam's for my normal shopping and spotted a desk chair. I decided to purchase one as a gift for my son.

I looked at the models, chose the chair under the sign for $99.99. There were 5 boxes above the sign with a picture of the same chair displayed under the sign. The sign brand and description is the same as the box description. When I went to pay for the chair, it rang up as $179.99.

I explained that isn't the correct price, the sign says $99.99. The Cashier went to check and agreed, the sign said $99.99. The front manager came to look and said no, that chair isn't the one for that price. I said how can that be; there are 5 boxes above the sign and a display of the chair below the sign.

He tried to tell me that customers must have moved all the boxes and the display under the wrong sign. I am an educated woman who works in a management position. This was either an employee error or deceptive selling practices. I told the manager I felt that this was false advertising.

Now what I would have expected is him to acknowledge the error on the store's part and apologize for my inconvenience. What he did however was to tell me he had a business degree and this is not false advertising and I should have looked at the very very tiny number on the label and known that it was different than the number on the sign directly above the display and under the 5 boxes of chairs. I did not expect a discount of almost $80, but I also did not expect for a very rude manager to insult my intelligence. I left the store without the chair, without the other $200 worth of items I was purchasing vowing never to set foot in a Sam's Club again.

I am an HR Manager and if this employee worked for me, he would be, at the very least, written up. Tomorrow I will be going to get my Costco membership.

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