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Sams club refuses to change shipping address on an item i ordered. They picked the address to send my item with out

asked me.

I saw the email and they still will not change the address even though the item has not shipped. i have five cards for sams in my business but I am moving everything to Costco.

Sams Club believes they are smarter than their patrons. I would recomed them except they on consider their needs and do not care about their members. I talked to agents and supervisors but they were smug in their attitude toward me.

I have been with Sams over 20 years.

Goodby to Sams. Hello Costco's.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $225.

Preferred solution: Moving from Sams to Costco. Not interested in being talked down to..

  • Bad Sams
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With spelling and grammar like yours they are smarter than you.


They won't change it. You have to contact the carrier to change it. I agree with the comment below


If you spell and use grammar like that Sam`s club is smarter than you. Just because you gave the wrong address because of your lack of spelling and grammar does not mean they should cater to you.