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I work for a local company about 2 miles from Sams club. My company has a membership and every day we go there and buy what we need for the day.(ie ice, gatorade, coffee supplies). Every Friday my co worker and I go to Sams to buy what we need for our company BBQ. We work in extreme heat and our employees look forward to it.

This Friday my co worker and I went to Sams using the same membership card we always do, alittle pressed for time but got everything we needed. We were relieved that we weren't as late as we thought and were going to make it back in time.

The cashier trainer asked to see our membership card and said we could not use it because the person on the card was not present. I told her that it was a business card and she said that the card holder still needed to be there. I told her I was sorry but we always use this very same card, just yesterday a matter of fact and she in turn said that all the previous cashiers weren't doing there job correctly and we were not allowed to use the card.

She then proceeded to take our purchase off the belt. I literally begged her to make an exception that we were behind schedule and we had people depending on us and were waiting. She refused and told us to buy our own membership or call our boss and have him meet us.

We had no choice but call our boss and wait. I asked then to speak to a store manager hoping he would understand, we weren't asking for anything but to be able to pay for our food. I was sure an exception could be made but to no avail. I asked if it was such a problem for us to not be allowed to use this card why did they let us in when they checked the card at the door. He actually said to me this is not a night club we don't always card at the door.

Meantime all the while the cashier trainee that so uncompassionatly started this whole thing was singing and snapping her fingers while we were clearly upset.

How can a business do that to someone, we weren't aware that their policy was in place and now being enforced. We didn't even disagree with the policy.We weren't trying to get away with anything and were willing to follow the rules after this one exception.

None the less our BBQ was ruined. Our local store that we depend on so much let us down when they really could have helped us. To me that is no way to do business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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I went to SAMS tonight. Bought some standards and asked I could get t a single boneless ribeye steak.

(Labor Day, pending hurricane Dorian, not busy at all) I was told "no" by a manager. She told me "we only sell things in bulk". Single persons out there (like myself) cancel your memberships. I buy a ton of gas from there as I commute 50 + miles a day but would rather put my money into another business who appreciates their customers.

I was told their "policy" was to only sell items in bulk. So if you want a mattress, be prepared to by 5 at a time.


Boo *** who whiny ***!!!


"If any other lose wants to comment on my letter you can go *** balls."

Present them!


If any other lose wants to comment on my letter you can go *** balls.


Okay since you are both losers I am going to address you like this.

Irish -Loser A

Chidish - Loser B

Loser A and Loser B Shut up. I did not throw a temper tantrum. I admit I swore at the cashier and after this the *** deliberately took her time, and embarassed me by calling security on me. So why dont the two of you shut up before I get real nasty, because frankly you *** have not seen my nsaty side yet. Then the *** told my boss about how I was "rude" to her, and while everyone else was enjoying the Barbaque, I was being reprimmended for "misbehaving" while representing the company. By the time he was done with me he made me to back to work. The *** did not let me have my lunch. Yet he took a hamburger himself. I tried to get some of my friends to claim that he sexually harasses female employees but my "friends" went and tattled on him like a bunch of fourth graders. He wanted to fire me for this but because I denied saying such a thing he has no proof. I do not throw temper tantrums but I am completely angry at this whole thing that I even when I got home I yelled at my roommates and swore at them. They want to kick me out but they cannot afford to since I pay one third of our rent and they don't make enough to split half way so ha ha those b1tches have to deal with me. You b1tches need to butt out of other people's problems because you just make them angrier, and they need to take their anger out on those around them.


I am sure if mommy and daddy knoew what kind of peron madisonave turned out to be they would be disappointed.


Why does it seem that many people if they are told they are wrong or if the person agrees with the store they assume they are working for the company. That is very childish of them to assume that.

IT would be like me saying that Meadisonave made all this *** up because she was fired from Sam's Club or caught stealing.

Seriously you people need to grow up and learn that not everyone will agree with you and not to assume that they work at the place mentioned, and no I don't work at Sam's Club but unlike you I can see their point. You don't always have to assume.


I guess my point about big business not being so compassionate was proven by your comment, as I am sure you work for the store. There was no temper tantrum, just me asking for help.

So next time you go to work and repeat over and over again "will that be cash or charge" you might want to think about the people you are waiting on and how important you are to them. And since there was no BBQ because we were an hour late and couldn't hold up our production any longer I would say no one really did have fun and yes it was ruined.

All I simply want people to know is that you don't always have to be so harsh to people, and customer service means alot to me and the people I live near and I am sure if anyone that started this company knew what happened today they would be dissapointed. THats all


I very much doubt your BBQ was ruined for everyone else. Maybe for you because they did not give in to you despite your childish temper tantrum, but the others I am sure enjoyed themselves since they know how to act like adults.