Reno, Nevada

I'm in need of dog food for my 4 English mastiffs. My local Sam's club is out, requiring me to feed an alternative until they receive the shipment at the end of the week.

I tried to share the important of having food available, because changing dog food abruptly will result in loose stool. 4 mastiffs with loose stool is stressful on the dogs and my family. I talked to the pet department manager, explaining my situation. She was very rude, stating with a negative voice tone "it was nothing she could do at the moment and I need to wait.

Her attitude clearly frustrated me, but I stayed calm giving her the benefit of doubt of having a bad day. I sought the club manager (Cheryl) and was more disappointed. I asked her for the nearest Sam's to Reno, because I needed dog food and her store was out. I explained I would drive to the nearest store 2 hours away (Roseville,CA) to keep the dogs from having upset stomachs.

She wasn't apologetic for not having the dog food in stock or assuring the store would try to keep food stocked. I left leaving the tv, heaters, dishes and etc..

wandering why I'm spending money, when the managers could care less. Not sure I will be back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Dog Food.

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They order a few pallets at a time. These pallets come in on a set schedule.

Sometimes, things sell out before the next shipment comes in.

You are not special.


Go buy it at grocery store and pay more and stop crying


Agree.....keeping a couple bags on hand would have alleviated this crisis you are having.....


The department manager and Store Manager have absolutely no ability to control when or how much merch comes in. Sams club is not a mom and pop operation.

The computers determine who gets how much and when. If the store runs too low too far from a truck day and it runs out then thems the breaks lady.


Sams Club sucks major c o c k!


Do you really expect stores to never run out of a given product. They can't help when the truck comes in. Maybe you should try buying more of the dog food at a time, than you normally do.