Houston, Texas
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I visited my local store in St.Joseph,Mo. the other day to learn they took the Cinnamon Apple Straws off the shelf and replaced them with Veggie Chips.They already have Veggie Straws on the shelf and added the Veggie Chips(2 like items).The Cinnamon Apple Straws were recommended by the Rehab center at our local hospital to my husband after he suffered a heart attack and had to readjust his eating habits,he would even take them to work and all of his co-workers loved them as my family also when we would go on vacation we would take them.Grandkids loved them also-So now we wont be able to get them unless I contact the company on my own which is World Gourmet Marketing inButler,New Jersey.Would hope Sams Club will see the BIG mistake they made in doing this and bring them back

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me too I loved them






The Apple Straws were a key piece of my diet. They are an awesome snack and it just figures that Sam's discontinued them.

They've replaced them with the Sensible Portions Ranch Veggie Chips. This bin is always full - appears they aren't selling. Replace a sweet cinnamon/apple treat with ranch?

It's too bad that Sam's can't be a reliable store - I'm frustrated and no longer have a reason to buy anything there. :cry


Also upset that Sam's does not carry the cinnamon apple straws by Sensible Portions anymore- just the veggie straws. These straws are delicious and such a nice size serving when you want something sweet and crunchy!! :(