Charlotte, North Carolina
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I purchased an expensive pair of eye glasses at Sam's Club in Gastonia, NC 13 months ago. They told me these were top of the line frames and lenses.

After insurance I paid over $400.00 out of pocket. Well guess what? One month after the warranty period was over my right stem broke off of my glasses. I took them back to Sam's where I was informed that these frames were out of warranty, discontinued, and couldn't be fixed.

I didn't mind being past the warranty period but I thought and expected that I should be able to pay to have them repaired at Sam's. Wasted my money and can't see well without my glasses. Being disabled it makes it so difficult to go back to my eye doctor and start over again.

Totally unexpected and unacceptable. You pay more for glasses at your eye doctor but in hindsight I think it would have been worth it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Warranty.

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Sams Club doesn't make those glasses. They contract a company to do it.

There will be no fixing of glasses for any reason. At least, not by the staff that works in the store.

All they do is order frames and lenses and have a finished product sent to them. I myself have Nike frames.