Woolstock, Iowa

We went to Sams in Des Moines the other day and bought over $200.00 worth of merchandise. When we checked out the clerk said our card was declined.

We asked him to check it again as there were no charges on it. Declined again. We wanted to then put it on visa credit card until we could straighten this out, and they would not take that.

The longer we stood there the more embarassed we were as the line behind us grew. This made us look like we were dirt in their eyes.We paid cash and went to the customer service department to see what the problem was.

They said we had been cancelled due to inactivity and we could apply for a new credit line. We have been members for many years, but I am not sure we will be again when our membership runs out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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My situation is different. I received a letter from Synchrony Bank advising that my account was being closed. We just shopped there in June and paid the balance.


Same thing happened yesterday. Unused credit limit more than a year old. (Heaven forefend consumers try to limit 22% interest rates in a tight economy.) Their Cust Serv agent called Sam's Credit from their desk. Their rep told me they did not even know if I was at same address. Told them I get their flyers all the time, and had they sent me a letter informing me that the credit limit was closed due to inactivity, they would know if I still lived there or not. Jerry, Sam's Credit's customer serv rep on the other end of the phone said, my hand to God, "Whatever..."

He did say they had not received a credit report on us in over a year. I reminded him that those have to be requested by Sam's Club since the credit bureaus do not just send them out like junk-mail sales flyers, the way Sam's Club does. Again, he said, "Whatever..."

Sam Walton would be spinning in his grave, since his big philosophy was to decide who to do business with based on the way he was treated.

I understand that the acct was closed due to inactivity. My problem was not being notified.


As far as credit goes I think if you don't use it within 3 months- 1 year they automatically disable it. But they constantly have promotions for credit.

They always have $20 off a $50 purchase and occasionally they run $40 off of $100. I have known people who take advantage of that a couple of times. It's like free money, who cares?

I understand it's annoying and you felt embarrassed, but a front end supervisor does a quick override and its over to the membership desk. It happens all the time.


It wasn't Sams Club that cancelled their credit it was the bank that backed the credit line. In this economy this is more and more common.

Get used to it.

As far as the Visa goes unless it is a Visa/debit card you just plain can't use it at Sams. If you didn't know that then that is on you.


How dare you make a comment like this to them. You don't know there situation, and by far does sam's club or wal-mart have any means of being defended.

wow. oh wow. is all i can say. You need to get a life.

They could have simply sent them a letter saying there card had been cancelled why wait till they try to use it?

Sounds like to me they were trying to embarrass them. :(


Your card was declined because yes you applied for credit at Sams club but you did not use it for a period of 1 year. If you do not use it, you loose it, and they make you reapply.

This is done to make sure you still have a good credit record and can still be considered responsible to pay your bills.

It is done for your benefit and ours. So Get over it you whiney baby