My wife and I were at a Sam's Club in the lycoming mall they had oranges on sale a 10 lb bag but did not have any one of the sales person said we could have it on a five pound bag but when went to check out the manager in that department said no.We have been a menber for over 20 years what can I do. I don't think this is fair when one person says yes and the other said no that is poor business.I think they should give a rain check or say on the coupon paper we got at the store

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I'm sorry that they ran out of the sale item, but that is what happens to sale items. They can't give you the same sale on a different item because the store paid a discounted price on the sale item, which is why they can have it on sale, whereas the other item the store paid full price so they would lose money if they gave it out at the sale price.

The salesman gave you incorrect information, but sometimes in order to make customers happy employees make mistakes. They can't give you a rain check because they can't get the discount any time they want it.


You need to understand marketing properly to know whats going on. Sams Club gets the 10lb bag discounted throught he vendor now the 5lb bag.

Yes the sales rep was incorrect in telling you the wrong information but he/she is just human. Stop being mad at the world and relax everyone is trying to make a living trying to keep doors open.

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