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I to doing my shopping at Sams and have purchased the hormel bacon bits since I've been shopping there. Much to my surprise the hormel bacon bits had been replaced with a brand called Members Mark, but thought ok I guess we'll give these a whirl but when I opened the package the odor stunk so bad it nearly knocked me down and then when I looked in the package all I saw was disgusting uncooked bacon bits but I decided to go ahead and give them a try but couldn't spit it out fast enough!!!

I am so disappointed that Sams has taken away the brand I liked and trusted for something so gross and I cant believe they would do this to their loyal customers who actually pay to shop there!!! And all this time I thought they cared about the service but I'm beginning to think the customer service has declined so much that its only the money they care about, and I get it, we all are in the business to make money but at least care about customer service because without customers there would be no business!!!

And Mr Walton really cared about his customer's & the quality of the products that were sold there!!! I'm gonna ask my neighborhood Sams to order the hormel bacon bits and i guess I'll have to switch suppliers!!!!

Review about: Members Mark Bacon.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Nobody cares about Islamists not wanting to eat pork.

to Anonymous #1513439

I agree! The south will rise again!


I also think those bacon bits are disgusting. We always bought the Hormel Bits they used to carry and they were quite good.

The Member's Mark Bits are seriously under-cooked. I have been dumping the whole bag into the microwave on paper towels for 5 to 7 minuted to finish them and remove some of the excess grease.


I let my membership expire because Hormel bacon bits are no longer sold at Sam's.


The members mark bacon bits are actually just fat bits. Will never buy another bag of these. Homeless bacon bits need to be brought back.


I agree with every one here. MM bacon bits are the nastiest thing I've tasted.

And yes, you can get them other places, but they are much more expensive and in smaller portions. Of course, you can go to Amazon and get a 20oz bag for only $28.98, free shipping of course.

Keep complaining, hopefully they will realize their customers don't like MM and will bring back Hormel.


I recently purchased this because they no longer sold the Hormel brand. It was awful!

Yuck !! A bag of uncooked chopped up bacon with a terrible smell. I was unable to return it , so I decided to cook it some . I cooked it in a frying pan in about 3 batches and browned it .

I drained off a lot of grease plus draining on paper towels. It tasted much better and after it cooled , I put it in a ziplock bag to store.

Yes, a lot of work, but cooking it did help. I will just buy fresh bacon now, and never buy this brand again.


I'm totally disgusted with them and see just how money hungry they are feeding us that trash


Please bring back the Hormel bacon bits, the Member Mark brand is all fat, no meat, wo t buy again:(


I also bought Members Mark Bacon Bits. I expected the same quality as the Hormel brand but I am very disappointed.

It tastes grisly, really chewy and greasy, I even tried to cook it a bit more but that didn’t help. Please bring back the Hormel Bacon Bits!


I will not buy them again, horrable


I also am not happy with the Members Mark Bacon Bits. I will not buy them again. Bring back the Hormel............

to Anonymous #1363043

If course others carry Hormel but not in the large size bag so very expensive.

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #1353554

I just threw out a brand new bag of the Members Mark Bacon Bits. This is the second bag I bought.

I was disappointed the Hormel brand disappeared but decided to try the "new" ones. The first bag wasn't great but edible. The 2nd bag was mushy, greasy and the color was off. I checked the expiration date: 12/2017.

I checked the smell.

I smelled like bacon. I just could not get past the texture and taste.

I will not be buying this product again.

Bristol, Tennessee, United States #1353521

Glad I saw this. Thought it was just me.


so sam's is the only store that carries hormel??? i doubt it


Noticed the other night that the bacon bits were now sourced as Members Mark instead of Hormel. High percentage of chunks of undercooked fat.

Looked nasty.

Didn't buy it.

Bring back the Hormel!

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