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I went to Sams Club in Joplin, MO, out by Highway 49, and was just taking the kids and my husband (who is blind, this matters later), into the place because we had never been and we're curious.

We went inside and had fun, walking around and my husband was teasing the kids by grabbing them while he was in the complementary wheel chair.

We found our way over on the grocery side of this one store, and saw some gigantic pumpkins and decided to buy one.

Since I had never been to a Sams Club before, and none of my family members had, I didnt know the process of buying or purchasing items there.

We decided to leave after a few minutes, and when we went through this one young ladys checkout line, my problems began.

First, since I had never been there, i stated this, and she ignored me.

She then, after me telling her that I do not have a sams club card, literally demanded that i give her my club card.

To which, in a louder voice, said "I DO NOT HAVE A SAMS CLUB CARD."

She then told me that I could ask for a one day pass to purchase items at the store, by going 'over there', and pointing in a random direction behind me.

At this time, I was unable to see where the customer service desk was, as it was hidden by a huge isle of televisions and other products.

I told the young lady that i was just buying this huge pumpkin, and could she just please check me out.

At this point, i didnt understand what was going on, and the young lady, in a loud, rude voice, said "you need to walk that direction, north, and go to the customer service desk"

At this time, a young man came over and started spouting off some information about a sams club card membership, something about $150 or something, im not sure, but he then said that the customer service desk was located behind the display of merchandise.

I had my three children with me, and my two boys were pushing the cart behind me, while i was pushing my husband in the wheel chair.

So we began to go over to the customer service desk, when the young lady, who had already been rude to us, says as we are walking away:

"That man looks perfectly fine. He doesnt need a wheel chair, how lazy."

This, infuriated me.

I turned around on that woman and said in a very loud voice:

"Ma'am, my husband is blind. Just because he looks physically fit and does not have his blind cane with him, does not mean that he is not able to walk efficiently through your store. The next time you call a blind man lazy, im going to beat the *** out of you."

To which i turned, walked away, bought the pumpkin, and left.

My husband was very angry at how the young lady treated us anyway, and to top it all off, the comment has stuck with my children.

They were asking me why the lady thought dad was lazy, to which i had to reply that some people are rude and ignorant of your fathers condition.

It pains me that Sams Club employees are so unhelpful, disrespectful, confusing and just downright rude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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Gee she threatened to beat someone up. I have concerns for her children and have contacted CPS, she seems unbalanced and unstable.

Her husband may be blind but she must be deaf. She was told three times she needed to get a temporary day pass and because she did not get her way they are "rude".


Why is it that every complainer on here is on some form of government assistance? You don't see people complaining about things when they have to work for them. You know why? Because we THINK about things. Just try THINKING for once.

And if you don't believe me; follow the $ trail. Husband is disabled = benefits for entire family, free cash, free food, free medical, and free housing.

So lazy. :upset


you're an ***! That is all. :roll


So after all of that, you still got a membership and bought the pumpkin. Because, according to your account, you wouldn't have been able to buy it without a membership. I think you are lying or at least embellishing - a lot!


I hope you are not as clueless about other aspects of your life. Sam's Club and Costco have been around for decades.

Maybe you are from a 3rd world country and really do not know how these club stores work.

And you may want to cut back on being such a drama queen.


If you have been in this country any length of time, you should know how Sam's Club works. All you would have to do is look at their website.

You can't tell me you had no idea how they operate or what they are. The business has the word Club in it for a reason, that means you have to pay to belong. I have seen many blind people walking without a cane. When they do that they hold on to the person with them.

Did it occur to you that maybe she didn't understand what you had said the first time. At some time or another while you were in the store, you should have seen the customer service desk. They are usually noticeable. You accuse the employees of being rude, but what do you call your behavior?

To begin with who in their right mind would go to a Sam's club Store for fun. Actually I don't call shopping fun, if I'm alone or with people, it is a chore. I think you felt you should have been treated better and were pretending to be more obtuse than you actually are. When your kids asked about the cashiers remark, you should have been the bigger person and told them that because your husband looks healthy, she didn't realize the is blind.

the majority of the people that shop at Sam's do so because they are buying large quantities of items, not just buying one pumpkin. You were just as much to blame as the employees.

The next time you aren't sure how a business operates, call ahead and ask a few questions, instead of just going in to have fun.