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When i applied for a position with sam's club (cashier) i didn't expect to sell anything! Everyday before my shift my COS (manager) pushes me to get at least 2 renewals, 2 plus memberships and at least some credit card sign ups.

First off no one is going to get a discover card now-a-days with the interest rates being so high.

Second, asking your members the samething everytime u see them can be annoying and i know if i was a member of sam's club i would not want to be bothered while checking out.


This is NOT what i signed up for and they did not tell me during the interview it would be this dramatic... i want to be able to come to work and not worry about selling things to the regular customers that i see everytime i work. Come on sam's club!

The only good thing is they start you with 10.00 an hr and you get free membership

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That's not true at all


SMH I'm a disabled veteran and they told me I had to stand for 9.5 he on crutches while the guy who was playing on a fork lift and broke his ankle can sit and my club has *** management. They have the ones they like and they get whatever they want and the hard workers suffer.


If you think that sucks... try being a cart attendant on a Saturday or during the holidays...

trying to keep the entry vestibule filled with carts...

it's a nightmare! I have been doing that for about four years at the Provo, Utah location and can't seem to find a better job to replace it!


Sams club in hired me , and fired me in 3 months .. I dont like the working atmosphere there , specially supervisors ,team lead , You are always worried about your job safety.


I agree. Do not apply unless your people person and like getting yelled at daily for asking the same question over and over.

When I applied I was aware of selling upgrades and credits. I've been here for almost a year. When I first started I would atleast get 1 a day. I live in a decent size town.

But now all the members have gone thru hundreds of times and get mad when you Ask. Or have already upgraded. Now I'm lucky if I get 1 a week. The other day they told us if we didn't get 30 upgrades that day we were getting cut off our sam share and if someone didn't get one we were going to get coached but they didn't tell us that til 2 hours after my shift.

If I would've known that I wouldn't have taken my breaks. Then I got a credit and I thought i was relieved but she said it had to a plus.

So I guess I'm getting fired tomorrow when I go in tomorrow. And no they did not tel me in orientation that we could be coached for it.


That is true. As of 2/2016 they have taken away holiday pay and sick, personal time.

I've been there 5 years and a employee that has only been there a year makes $.57 less an hour than me.

No room for advancement.

It isn't a great job. With the new cuts they also took away our annual raises that came with our yearly reviews.

You could get $.40/HR to $.60/HR. Now we aren't guaranteed any raises.

They last one we got was 2%. Lowest we have ever got.


Everyone knows if you work in retail ONE of your MANY jobs is promoting memberships of the particular store (if they had one) and the store credit cards. That's nothing new.

If you haven't paid attention to the cashiers, clerks, sales associates, or whomever when you go out thhannnnnn I don't know to say lol. It's a job just do it.


Your a *** *** then man we all have a job to do and that's that. I started off as a cashier and got my daily upgrades and credits .. You just Dont know how to ask people (not a people person)


You'll are a bunch of baby's ... SAMs club is a great place to work if you do your job and don't wine you'll move up quick .... Lots of opportunities


Man I wish I would've found this before I applied, I had no idea we had to do all this extra *** AS A CASHIER!!!! Not only did we have to worry about renewals and credits but we had to transfer everything from one basket to another, including flatbeds also.

It didn't matter if it was a bunch of small stuff or a bunch of heavy stuff it had to be moved.

They put us under alot of stress and I couldn't take it anymore. The sad thing is I actually liked my job when I first started there, that all changed after 3months, I can't believe I was there for almost a year without going ape *** on someone .


I work at a Sam's club and I thought I would be getting more hours. Now, they are hiring for more people for electronics and I guess I will be getting less hours than I am working now.

Don't get me wrong. I do like working there. I really like my co-workers and I really like helping customers. The Sam's club I am working for is a good store.

My supervisor likes me and treats me with the utmost respect. When I come in for my shift, I will yell out a co-workers name and wave at them. Yeah, I like it there. Sometimes, we have till we have all the zoning done, which just adds maybe another half hour to my paycheck.

I need more hours and I will find a way to supplement my income whilst there.



This is why you push carts. Lol.


I got fired at Sams club 6575 for not transferring, when other cashiers don't transfer


If they all took $10/hr pay cuts would you do the same as well. You should worry about you. Not others.


It was favoritism, they didn’t like you as much as the other employees trust me I know I work at Sam’s Club now and they treat me the same way..


As a current Sam's Club associate, I can say with certainty they do push upgrades and renewals.However, this type of sale is typical of any retail job.

The offer on credit, though I feel the same way about asking, is easy to bring up and move past. Any sales position- and cashiers are sales people- will include some type of promotion.

Instead of looking at just this one issue, how about a review of the company's other benefits and conditions for employment?

As for women being cashiers and guys on the floor you are at a strange club. I'm in technology and half my department is female myself included. If you want to move to a different position work for it and talk to the manager over that area.

I'm no loyalist but after working for 3 other retailers I can say that Wal-Mart and Sam's Club are among the best in the industry when management follows policy.If they don't then call the ethics line and do something about it!

(I meant to post this as a comment but it went as a review first. So this is a repost in the right place.)


My !manager called me upstairs just because I didn't transfer 19 packets of water from one flat bed to another


Maybe next time you can respect leadership and do what is asked of you.


Apparently, you have never worked there as a cashier. Maybe you can be in our position, day in and day out, lifting 100s of cases of water in a day and then come back and tell us how you feel after lifting that many cases of water in a day.

It takes a toll on your body. I don't see why we just can't lift up on the item and look to see if anything is underneath them. I know I have had at LEAST 125 transactions in a day and I can guarantee that most of them have at LEAST one case of water, soda, or some other equally heavy item in their cart. Try lifting something properly that weighs 50+ lbs from one cart to another.

You can't lift properly; moving from cart to cart. All the while with no assistance from anyone, especially the supervisors that are sitting there just watching you and not offering to help in the least bit.

It's called teamwork for a reason. -_-


Maybe you can transfer a bunch of *** you dumb *** and hurt your entire body for 10 bucks an hour