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I bought a service agreement through Sams Club on a Sony 50" SXRD TV. The projection bulb went out after 22 months. I bought a Three year service Agreement when I purchase the TV. The sales person said everything was cover under this agreement my wife was there when that was stated by the sales person.

I called service and they told me that the bulb was not covered. But I pulled the agreement and it did not state about the bulb not being covered


Warning do not buy service Agreement Sams Club does not honor it. Big Rip Off!

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I purchased a 3year warenty through Sams warehouse for my HP computer lab top. After two years our HP would heat up so bad that it would shut down while your on it.

It got so hot when my husband was on it that after it shut down he picked up the lab top and his finger poked through the small grill on the back (ouch)! I was so glad I saved that warranty I purchased because now I can get it fixed. Wrong!!! After I explained all of this to the warenty company they sent me a box to return and have it repaired.

Only to tell me, a week and a half later, that the broken plastic piece in the back of the lab top means that it "must have been dropped "! I now have a broken computer, a USELESS warenty, time and money not well spent!! Well at least April from 'way warentys', was polite. Wait A MINUTE .......

NO SHE WASN'T!. Hard lesson learned.


I totally disagree. I bought an extended warranty for my HP laptop and am glad I did.

I had it a year and a half and the screen went out. I called them they sent me a box, I mailed it to them and they mailed it back in 2 weeks.

They replaced the screen, keyboard and another piece that I broke but did not affect the function of the computer. I am 200% satisfied with their services!


I was sold a three year warranty on an item about two years ago. When I was sold the item I was told that if it broke for any reason I could just bring it in for a replacement.

Now when it comes time to honor the warranty I am told they have changed policy and I have to deal with an outside company. I have to schedule an inspection with this company and the process will take four to six weeks. I am shocked that Walmart would change a policy in the middle of the contract.

I can't fight Walmart, they are to big. I'm just voting with my pocket book and telling everyone I know.


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