Raleigh, North Carolina

Please do not purchase tires from Sam's Club. I had a flat tire and my husband put on the spare tire.

I paid $546.00 for a set of tires. When he went to pickup my truck the spare was still on and the new tire in the rear of the truck. They refused to *** the spare saying it was against their policy. My husband came home and in the pouring rain put on the new tire.

I called to complain. I was transferred 4 times. I spoke to the manager and he promised he would make it right but has never bothered to call me back. I do not understand why they would have such a policy.

I will never buy tires from them again. I tell everyone that I can not to purchase tires from their company. I will say on their behalf that it is my fault I did not demand better service.

Sincerely, Angela B. Jacobs, Goldboro, NC

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Manager.

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If the damage is too close to the side wall or too large, they're not allowed to patch it , for if the patch comes out or the tire fails because of an improper seal, you would sue :) or be dead your choice


NEVER AGAIN, I know I hate Walmart but now sams is on my shitlist as well. *** with attitudes and no customer service, high prices will make for certain I never return.


Have either of you ever considered complaining to Sam's at the Corporate level instead of your local store?


I will advertise for you and tell everyone that I know NOT TO BE A MEMBER OR BUY ANYTHING FROM YOU WITHOUT SEEING THE NUMBER OF COMPLAINTS YOU HAVE!I bought a set of 80,000 mi Michilens.While they mounted my tires, someone stole about 20 cds and the manager told me there was nothing that she could because someone pulled my car into a bay that had NO SECURITY CAMERA.Now I have gone back 4 times to have my tires rotated and THEY DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO DO IT!My card expired in the meantime and I will NEVER renew it because you have such great service after the purchase.I have considered carrying a sign outside your store & tell people just how lousy Sam's really is!I will NEVER renew my membership and neither will anyone in my immediate or extended family.All they had to do was take 20 minutes to rotate and balance my tires which my wife and I were told was in the price and would be "good for the life of the tires".I HATE A BUNCH OF LIARS AND THIEVES. That seems to be all that you have working for you and I think any reasonable person would know that those traits come from the top down.SRiden, knoxville,TN.