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I purchased the "new" "plus card membership" saving coupon card in North Carolina for $65.00, I was told if I didn't like it they would return my money, no questions asked. I didn't use it (my wife didn't use it) and I saw no advantage to pay $65.00 while other stores offered the same deals for free.

I tried to return it and was told I could not return it because although I paid for it, only the primary card holder (my wife of 50 years) could get the money back. I drove over 40 miles to make this return and the store manager refused to refund my money unless my wife was there.

I'm pissed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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As a cos I have an issue with this. It's mentioned in every interview.

We are asking our "cashiers" to be more. We are asking them to be sales person.

That's part of the reason we pay more. How much does a minimum cashier normally make?


poindexter your mama must have abandoned you or something smh. Something is so wrong mentally with u period.

Dude get a life. :zzz


Only the primary cardholder can return a membership upgrade, because it is that person's membership. You are a complimentary add-on cardholder. You cannot make changes to a membership that isn't yours.

If you were the primary, would you appreciate it if your friend/sibling/etc could change your membership to one of lower value and get your $65 back for his/herself?


Yes, many card-related activities (and not just with Sam's Club) are required to be performed with the primary cardholder.

Lesson learned.